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Sneak Peek: Another New Chassis for the Ruger American Rifle?

The Ruger American Rifle has proven to be a real performer in its price range and the aftermarket is taking notice. There are already a few stock and chassis options for the budget rifle. Now, Indian Creek Design may be the next in line to bring a chassis to market.

Indian Creek Design gave us a sneak peek of a Ruger American short action chassis they are designing. It features the ability to accept AR-15 grips and stocks along with options for various foreends. The prototypes are shown wearing Indian Creek Design’s AR/1911 Grip Frame Adapter which would allow the user to affix standard 1911 grips.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability.


Ruger AR-556 Stripped Lower Receivers

In news that may only be interesting to me… Ruger is now offering stripped AR-15 lower receivers. Their AR-556 lowers have a $129 MSRP but, as with all things Ruger, the price at your local dealer should be significantly lower.


Those of you who have built several AR-15s might think that price is high but Ruger is a very well known name with Joe Everyman. They are always good at positioning themselves to move into markets like this based on value and name recognition. If the average gun store shopper has a stack of AR-15 receivers in front of him and the choices are unfamiliar boutique brands or a Ruger within a $20-30 of the price of the others, he will likely choose the Ruger.

If Ruger can get these on dealer shelves en mass, I think they will sell a ton of them in the scenario described above.

Timney Ruger Precision Rifle Trigger

Timney’s Ruger Precision Rifle Triggers are now available for pre-order. These drop-in 2-stage triggers are factory set with an 8 oz first stage and a 1 lb second stage. They will be available with a choice of a standard curved trigger bow or a flat trigger bow.

The MSRP on this trigger is $219.95 and they are expected to begin shipping sometime near the end of October. They are not listed on the Timney website so you will have to call to pre-order.

Visit Timney Triggers: www.timneytriggers.com

timney-ruger-precision-rifle-trigger-flat timney-ruger-precision-rifle-trigger-curved

The World’s Shallowest Review of the Ruger American Rifle Ranch 5.56

I am going to list some specs for you…

  • 5.56 chamber
  • 16″ medium contour, cold hammer forged barrel
  • 1 in 8″ twist
  • Threaded 1/2″ x 28 muzzle
  • Magazine fed

If you hadn’t already read the title of this post, you might think I was talking about an AR-15. That combination of features is very unique in a bolt action rifle and it is what makes the Ruger American Rifle Ranch so great. Of course, the sub $400 price tag helps a lot too.

ruger american rifle ranch 556 jtt

This isn’t going to be an in-depth review. I am just going to briefly sing the praises of a rifle that I basically impulse bought about a year ago because of the price tag and features above. I wasn’t expecting a lot from it but the more I shoot it, the more I have come to appreciate it and the more I think a lot of AR-15 shooters would probably make room in their safes for a rifle like this.

The sub $400 price tag of these rifles makes them a bargain but their features are what makes them unique. There are a number of .223 Remington chambered bolt-action rifles on the market. They typically have twist rates on the slower end so that they can effectively stabilize lighter varmint hunting oriented bullets. This rifle stands out because it bucks those trends. Instead of a .223 chamber, it sports a 5.56 chamber. Instead of a slow twist, it has a 1 in 8″ twist which will easily stabilize projectiles up to 77 grains in weight while still handling a light of the lighter bullets on the market. That is a lot words that really just boil down to one thing for an AR shooter like me… It will shoot the same ammo as my AR-15s.

If you have a suppressor, you should probably just stop reading and head to your local gun shop right now. These rifles are a blast with a can. The barrel is threaded in a pitch that will accept all the common suppressor mounts and the medium contour barrel is beefier than a typical sporter weight, bolt-action barrel to reduce deflection from the weight of the can. This rifle was obviously made to be suppressed.

I have mine set up with affordable but good accessories. I picked up a Vortex Diamondback 2-7×35 during a Black Friday sale. It was just sitting in a box on top of my safe, waiting for a project like this. That optic is mounted to the rifle with Talley 1-PieceĀ 93X725 Rings (the rifle comes with a very nice 1913 rail attached so you could set up the optic however you want including a red dot if you are so inclined). I replaced the included muzzle nut with a Smith Enterprise Vortex Flash Suppressor because I have always had excellent luck with those having little to no effect on accuracy.

To keep the rifle stable, I have a Harris bipod mounted on it pretty much full time and I use an Andy’s Leather Rhodesian Sling. Between the bipod and the sling, I can get stable in any position. So far, I haven’t seen many ill effects on accuracy while using a tight sling but I think I may open up the stock’s barrel channel a bit just to be safe.

Speaking of accuracy… I don’t have pictures to prove it so you will just have to take my word for it (and the word of several other reviews) but this rifle is extremely accurate. My hoard of Black Hills 75gr. Blue Box ammo typically groups into less than an inch at 1oo yards. The same goes for Prvi Partisan 75gr. It even shoots Wolf Gold 55 gr well and that ammo matches the BDC reticle in the Vortex Diamondback 2-7×35 very well with a 50 yard zero. Those of you who reload could probably whip up a real doozie of a load for this rifle.

It’s not perfect. The stock is a bit flimsy (not as bad as some bargain rifles) and, as a rifle with no iron sights, it should have an integral comb riser. The magazines are proprietary and expensive for what the plasticy little things that they are. This is the bottom line: This rifle carries light, shoots well, costs little, works with all your AR-15 ammo, suppresses well, and is tons of fun.

Ruger $5 Million Match Campaign

It takes money to fight the legal battle that helps protect your birthright. The NRA-ILA is the legal action arm of the NRA and, if you want to ensure that your dollars are helping the actual fight for your rights, it is likely the most effective part of the NRA to which you can donate.

Ruger has stepped up in a very big way to support the NRA-ILA. They are already massive donors to the NRA but they are taking it to a whole new level with the announcement of their $5 Million Match Campaign.


From Ruger:

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) is proud to announce the Ruger $5 Million Match Campaign to benefit the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA). The NRA, through its Institute for Legislative Action, is leading the charge to preserve the Second Amendment and individual firearm rights of U.S. citizens.

Between August 1 and October 31, 2016, any donation made to the NRA-ILA that is affiliated with this Campaign will be matched by a donation from Ruger, up to a maximum cumulative Ruger contribution of $5,000,000. All donations will benefit the NRA-ILA’s efforts to protect the Second Amendment in the upcoming November elections.

The Ruger $5 Million Match Campaign was inspired by the ongoing 2.5 Million Gun Challenge of 2015-2016 and further exemplifies Ruger’s commitment to Second Amendment rights. This Campaign provides firearms enthusiasts and supporters of the Second Amendment with an opportunity to give at whatever level they choose, whether or not they have participated in the 2.5 Million Gun Challenge.

“We wanted to offer an opportunity for folks to contribute to the NRA-ILA, knowing that their donation will be backed by a matching contribution from Ruger,” said Ruger CEO, Mike Fifer. “Make no mistake, the Second Amendment is on the ballot this November and we all have to be completely committed to preserving it.”

Coinciding with the start of the Ruger $5 Million Match Campaign is the launch of the Ruger Take Action web page, where users can learn what is at stake this election year, discover the various ways that they can “take action” in defending the Second Amendment and read up on media coverage of Ruger’s initiatives to do the same. The Ruger Take Action website will offer information on a variety of avenues of participation, including: buying a RugerĀ® firearm, donating to the Ruger $5 Million Match Campaign, writing to congressmen, voting in the upcoming election and joining the NRA.

“Friends, the fight is already on. If we wait until November, we will lose everything. So challenge every gun owner you know,” stated Chris Cox, Executive Director of the NRA-ILA. “This is a fight for our freedom!”

Those interested in donating can do so by visiting Ruger’s contribution page on the NRA-ILA website at www.Ruger.com/Donate, or through the Ruger website at www.Ruger.com/TakeAction.

For more information on the Ruger $5 Million Match Campaign, visit www.Ruger.com/TakeAction. To learn more about the extensive line of award-winning Ruger firearms, visit Ruger.com or Facebook.com/Ruger.

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