Ruger AR-556 Stripped Lower Receivers

In news that may only be interesting to me… Ruger is now offering stripped AR-15 lower receivers. Their AR-556 lowers have a $129 MSRP but, as with all things Ruger, the price at your local dealer should be significantly lower.


Those of you who have built several AR-15s might think that price is high but Ruger is a very well known name with Joe Everyman. They are always good at positioning themselves to move into markets like this based on value and name recognition. If the average gun store shopper has a stack of AR-15 receivers in front of him and the choices are unfamiliar boutique brands or a Ruger within a $20-30 of the price of the others, he will likely choose the Ruger.

If Ruger can get these on dealer shelves en mass, I think they will sell a ton of them in the scenario described above.

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