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RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag

The new ASO Bag from RE Factor Tactical is a “tactical” duffel without the tactical look. This bag is absolutely stuffed full of features.


The ASO Bag is designed to fit common carry-on size standards. It features several pockets including an RFID blocking pocket to protect your cell phone, credit cards, and ID and what RE Factor Tactical calls a “Fight Pocket”. The Fight Pocket is accessible with one hand and has internal PALS and Velcro organization so you can store magazines, first aid, and other items to support the fight. The main compartment of the ASO Bag has 7 mesh pockets along with┬áPALS and Velcro panels to keep your gear organized.

With all these organization features, the ASO Bag is sure to get heavy so there are stow away backpack straps to help handle the weight.

Check out the ASO Bag at RE Factor Tactical.


RE Factor Tactical Navigator Band

In case you haven’t noticed, RE Factor Tactical now has a full line of survival bands with unique features in addition to their well known Tactical Operator Band. The newest is their Navigator Band which features a Suunto Clipper Compass that is mounted on the side so it is visible during common tasks and a hidden handcuff key side release buckle.

Check out the Navigator Band from RE Factor Tactical.


RE Factor Tactical Pelican Case Insert Combination

If you use a Pelican case to transport your rifles, pay close attention to the next several sentences and pry your credit card out of your wallet in advance because this is really, really cool. RE Factor Tactical has created the Pelican Case Insert Combination which is essentially a PALS webbing/loop Velcro covered panel that can be secured in the top lid of your case.

Re Factor Tactical PCC-3

The panel replaces the top level of foam. It can easily be swapped for the foam since it is mounted via large Velcro strips. These panels add a ton of organization potential to a case that has no organization features on its own. This looks pretty handy.

Check out RE Factor Tactical.

RE Factor Pelican Case Re Factor Tactical PCC-7

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