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PHLster Modular Holster Wedge Kit

PHLster just released what is probably the most complete holster wedge kit available. If you are unfamiliar with holster wedges, the concept is simple. Wedges are small padded parts that can be attached to a holster to provide counter pressure that draws the grips of the handgun into the wearer and enhances comfort by reducing hot spots.

Fine tuning holster fit to the body is the most time consuming and individual aspect of concealed carry. Huge gains in comfort and concealment can be accomplished by adding a wedge to the holster, but getting that wedge just right is often a big project, full of trial, error, frustration, and guesswork. 

The Modular Holster Wedge Kit provides a variety of stackable shapes which you can use in any combination or configuration to quickly and easily get the comfort and concealment results you need, with no permanent modifications to the holster. 

Each kit comes with two base pads, two spines, four half-circles, and four “bean” shapes, pre-cut hook tabs for each shape, and two pieces of adhesive loop. For a total of 12 wedge modules, this is enough to adjust two holsters, with enough modules and material left over to fine tune an extra magazine carrier or knife sheath. 

Whether you need to make small or large adjustments to your gear, the Modular Holster Wedge Kit gives you complete control over even the smallest and most frustrating concealment details and challenges.


Sneak Peek: PHLSTER Floodlight for Modlite PL350

Everyone is waiting on the Modlite PL350 and, when it does finally drop, PHLSTER will have you covered on holsters. They are already in production on the Floodlight for the PL350 and will have the holsters available the moment the light itself is released.

If you aren’t familiar with the Floodlight series of holsters, you should be. They are holsters that are designed around the light instead of any one specific handgun. The end result is a holster that fits almost any handgun as long as the specified light is attached.



PHLSTER Enigma Reveal

PHLSTER has been teasing the Enigma recently and now the cat is out of the bag. Enigma is a “Concealment Chassis” that allows for concealing a handgun completely independent of your clothing choices.

I highly recommend watching the reveal video posted to PHLSTER’s Instagram page as it does an excellent job of showing what Enigma is and what it does. The video also does a good job placing it in a variety of common situations that you might otherwise have a hard time carrying a concealed handgun to give you context for its capabilities.

Enigma is expected to be available to order on Black Friday.


PHLSTER Website Update and a Tease

PHLSTER has given their website a fresh coat of paint. The new site sports a clean new look and updated, easier to use navigation… and you may want to keep an eye on the new site because PHLSTER has been teasing a new product release.

The new product, called ENIGMA, looks to be some kind of deep concealment product that promises to allow the user to “Dress Around Your Life”. PHLSTER’s teases always live up to the hype so this one will be worth watching.


PHLster Floodlight OWB Holster

What if you could carry basically any handgun with a light rail in the same holster? That is exactly what the PHLster Floodlight series of holsters offers.

Like the IWB version before it, the brand new Floodlight OWB (outside the waistband) Holster retains on the weapon light (available for either a Surefire X300U or Streamlight TLR-1) rather than the handgun itself. This allows the end user to carry any handgun to which they can attach their chosen light.

The Floodlight OWB is compatible with Blade Tech, G-Code, and Safariland attachments. It is also ambidextrous.


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