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Coyote 498 Grande Patch Panels from OC Tactical

The recent review of the Multicam Grande Patch Panel from OC Tactical was a hit. Now OC Tactical is following up the Multicam Grande Patch Panel with the new Coyote 498 Grande Patch Panel.

Like the Multicam version, this new coyote brown version features 4 grommets for tons of hanging options, color matched edge binding, and 1000D nylon backing. It can hold a ton of patches on its 18″x24″ Velcro surface. You won’t find a more bomb-proof way to display your patches.

Check out the new Coyote 498 Grande Patch Panel on OCTactical.com.


GITD Reflective Patches from Mojo Tactical

Some patches are more useful than others. The new GITD Reflective Patches are some of the most useful patches that you will ever find.

These patches look pretty neat and they are pretty low profile in the day light. Once darkness falls, these patches glow in the dark (GITD) and are also reflective. You can put them on your pack so you can find it easily in camp. They can be worn during low light training so you can keep track of people moving on the range. There are a ton of uses for patches like this.

The GITD Reflective patches come in a wide variety of sizes (1×1″, 1×2″, 2×2″, 1×4.5″, 2×4″) and a US Flag version. Check them out on Mojo Tactical’s Facebook storefront.


Patch Collecting: Tacticute Tab

Forget flowers, the ladies in your life really want their own patch. The guys at Mojo Tactical have just the patch – the Tacticute Tab.

I first saw the Tacticute Tab on Soldier Systems Daily. As soon as I saw it, I knew that my daughters would each need one because they aren’t just cute – they’re Tacticute. My oldest daughter (2.5 years old) loves the fact that she has her own patch to keep on her Fight and Flight YUCK.

You can get Tacticute Tabs for the ladies in your life on Mojo Tactical’s Facebook Storefront. You can also check out their forum on the Usual Suspect Network (USN membership required to view) and visit them at MojoTactical.com.

Patch Collecting: Pink Ribbon Patch for Cancer Research from TNVC

Patch collecting is fun, but every once in a while, it also gives you a chance to contribute to a good cause. That is the case with the Pink Ribbon Patch for Cancer Research from Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC).

TNVC is selling this patch to honor those who are fighting cancer and to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. They will be donating ALL the proceeds from this patch, so be sure to check out the Pink Ribbon Patch for Cancer Research on the TNVC website.

Patch Collecting: OC Tactical Multicam Grande Patch Panel

Who in their right mind would collect a bunch of beautiful paintings and then store them in a box. That wouldn’t make any sense and it doesn’t make any sense to hide all your collectible hook backed embroidered art work (aka patches) in a box either. You need to put them on the wall where everyone can see them and OC Tactical can help with their new Multicam Grande Patch Panel.

The Multicam Grande Patch Panel is just what is sounds like – a big Multicam panel for displaying patches. It is 18″ tall by 24″ wide which is enough real estate to display a lot of patches. I have 51 patches of various sizes and shapes on mine right now and I could fit more if pushed them closer together.

The panel is very well made from very good materials. It features Velcro brand Multicam printed loop material on the front and it is backed with coyote brown 1000D nylon. The backing features reinforcing stitches to prevent it from separating from the loop material.  The edges are all finished with Multicam printed binding. It is pretty bomb proof for something that will just be hanging on your wall, but that is how OC Tactical does things.

Each of the 4 corners features a blackened grommet which should give you a ton of options for hanging the Multicam Grande Patch Panel. I used brass picture hanging hooks and they work perfectly. You could also string it with some paracord or just hang it on a pair of properly spaced nails. I also found that the grommets are spaced well for use on peg board.

The Multicam Grande Patch Panel is good for more than just hanging on the wall. I found that if I placed the patches in columns, the panel could be rolled up and used to transport several patches. Placing the patches in columns allows it to be rolled fairly tightly.

If you are reading this blog, there is a very good chance that you have more than a handful of patches. You won’t find a better made or more attractive way to display them than the Multicam Grande Patch Panel. You can find more information about the panel and information on ordering your own on the OC Tactical blog.


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