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Patch Collecting: AO Medium Speed Moderate Drag

Advanced Outfitters (AO) has one of the best taglines in the business and it is a well known fact that great taglines make great patches. From the moment that Kevin at AO first uttered “Medium Speed, Moderate Drag,” he must have know it was destined for patch greatness.

The patch features green embroidery on a tan background. The “Medium Speed, Moderate Drag” tagline is embroidered on the face of the patch as is the AO website address. I like that this patch feels a little like an inside joke since most people have no idea what “High Speed, Low Drag” means so this patch is actually somewhat low profile.

You can contact Advanced Outfitters through their website, on Twitter, or on the Usual Suspect Network.

Patch Collecting: Bourne Ultimatum CRI Patch

I am always on the lookout for patches that are low profile. Even if my favorite model of handgun is the Deathbringer 5000, I don’t necessarily want a patch on my office bag that advertises that fact. Sometimes a subtle patch, like this this Bourne Ultimatum CRI Patch, is best. You get to enjoy your patch collection without advertising to the world that you are a part time ninja.

If you are familiar with the Bourne series of movies, specifically Bourne Ultimatum, you will know that the CIA has a front business called Controlled Resources International or CRi in the film. The logo for CRi is visible briefly in the movie. This is where Usual Suspect Network user jhyphen got the inspiration for the patch.

There have been at least two runs of this patch. The first had black text on a gray background. The most recent run has gray text on a black background. Sadly, I believe all of these patches are now sold but there may be plans for another run. If they become available, I will let you know.

Patch Collecting: SEREPICK Patch

SEREPICK sells some of the best E&E products on the market and they offer the best customer service on top of that. They are best known for distributing the amazing Bogota Entry Tools. If you haven’t tried them yet, then you are missing out.

Their products are designed to get people out of harms way, preferably undetected. So, it should come as no surprise that their morale patch features the footprint of a mouse. Mice are the kings of getting in and out of tight places and doing it without being noticed. The mouse footprint is a very fitting logo for a very cool company.

Check out the patches and Bogota Entry Tools at SEREPICK.com. I should also note that I am working on a review of the new SEREPICK Executive Kit.

Patch Collecting: Give Terror the Axe Foundation Patch

Some of the best patches are patches that benefit a cause. This patch benefits the Give Terror the Axe Foundation which raises money to put the axes, hatchets, and tomahawks that US Special Forces troops want and need into their hands at no cost to them.

The patch features a US flag design with a hatchet where the stars would typically be and the words “GIVE TERROR THE AXE”. This edition has an ACU gray and black color scheme and is limited to 100 pieces. All of the proceeds will go toward purchasing an axe for a member of the Special Forces.

There are still some of these limited edition patches left. You can visit the Give Terror the Axe Facebook Page to purchase your own patch.

Patch Collecting: BAD INC Patch

BAD is good. It’s like the 80’s all over again.

The new patch from from Battle Arms Development (BAD) features their smiling bomb logo. Its a great logo, that makes a great patch. The patch features a Multicam color scheme and is quite large at 3.5″ x 2″.

If you want to show your love of the best AR-15 selectors on the planet, head over the Battle Arms Development website and pick up your own BAD INC patch.

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