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Today Mission Spec (KS) is announcing their newest endeavor into the tactical training space. Normally participating in the tactical gear side of the industry, this move into training products represents a break from the norm for Mission Spec.  “Fighting the Global War on Terror for 20 years has resulted in a paradigm that could have disastrous consequences. With the actions between Russia and Ukraine currently taking place it got us thinking about fighting in a near-peer conflict… again,” says a lead R&D director at Mission Spec.

All of this prompted Mission Spec to design, test, and [very soon] manufacture the DAY NOD™DAY NOD is just like your standard Night Optic Device except it does not enhance the user’s abilities in the dark.  That is because it is designed to operate only in the daylight.  With so much training conducted under NOD and at night you don’t want to let those skills and techniques go unused while out of the cycle of darkness.  A user’s peripheral vision and depth perception will be just as limited during the day as at night with the DAY NOD.

Forward thinking like this is the reason Mission Spec products and custom gear services are known for solving problems of the end user. Availability in Q4 2022 with an estimated price point of just slightly higher than traditional night optic devices.


Mission Spec Starts New Series: ‘Because I Sew That’

Today, Mission Spec (KS) has released the first episode of their new series ‘Because I Sew That’.  A play on words from their previous series ‘Because I Know That’. Mission Spec has noticed the increase in DIY gear creation/modification by end users and seeks to tackle some of the more common questions received on the subject.

In this first episode Brent explains the relatively simple process of turning your CORDURA fabric into functioning webbing for applications such as PALS.  “Nothing here is going to be hyper-complicated. This is really serving as a beginner’s guide to get people rolling.  Seasoned Stitch-Operators are already going to know this stuff.” Says Brent.

Mission Spec welcomes suggestions for future videos and requests they be left in the comments section of the YouTube link.



Mission Spec, LLC (KS) has announced the release date of their latest product – this time tackling the firearm lubrication market instead of their usual offerings which compete in the nylon gear sector.  EGO™ or Essential Gun Oil is an all-natural proprietary oil blend solution for literally every weapon system in modern military and sporting use today.  EGO ships in a small pocket-sized Low Quantity Applicator device for ease of use.

EGO has even been lab tested and proven to reduce suppressor sound signature by up to 5 db. “The possibilities are virtually endless with this blend.” Says Mission Spec founder Brent Keltner. An unnamed source close to the company has stated that EGO can even increase the effectiveness of night vision devices.  Full release is scheduled for Q3 2021 and is set to become the dominant lubrication solution for the industry.

Customers may be familiar with a complementary product released by Mission Spec exactly one year ago today (04 APR 2020), the Essential Oils Carrier. See press release of that date for more info.


Innocent Balloon Drill from Mission Spec

Mission Spec shared the Innocent Balloon Drill with us recently. If you are looking for a drill that is easy to set up, requires little space, and is very challenging, give it a try.

The set up is simple. Place 3 of your normal paper targets with 2 balloons taped to each one. The balloons should be colored with a specific color on each target. Your training partner calls out a color and that target is engaged without popping the “innocent balloons”.


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