Mission Spec Starts New Series: ‘Because I Sew That’

Today, Mission Spec (KS) has released the first episode of their new series ‘Because I Sew That’.  A play on words from their previous series ‘Because I Know That’. Mission Spec has noticed the increase in DIY gear creation/modification by end users and seeks to tackle some of the more common questions received on the subject.

In this first episode Brent explains the relatively simple process of turning your CORDURA fabric into functioning webbing for applications such as PALS.  “Nothing here is going to be hyper-complicated. This is really serving as a beginner’s guide to get people rolling.  Seasoned Stitch-Operators are already going to know this stuff.” Says Brent.

Mission Spec welcomes suggestions for future videos and requests they be left in the comments section of the YouTube link.


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