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Low-Pro Products Stubby Vertical Grip

I have reviewed Low-Pro Products’ Modular Vertical Grip in the past. It is a bomb proof grip with a really innovative integrated wrench feature (see the review for details). It is called the Modular Vertical Grip because it has a threaded tube section that can be removed to convert from a full size grip to a “stubby” sized grip. I basically removed/lost that section since I have no use for a full sized vertical grip and apparently I am not the only one because Low-Pro Products now offers it in a Stubby only version.

It is the same grip with the same great integrated wrench. It just doesn’t come with the threaded tube to convert it to full size and that saves you some money. Check out the Stubby Vertical Grip at Low-Pro Products.

Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Thumb Nut Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Bottom Wrench Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Wrench In Use

Low-Pro Products Offset Flashlight Mount Surefire X-Series


IMG_2168Low-Pro Products makes several great rail mounted accessories like optic and light mounts. One of their newest is their Offset Flashlight Mount Surefire X-Series. As you might have guessed by the name, it is designed to mount a Surefire X-Series light, or other rail mounted lights like the INFORCE WML, offset to the rail on which you place the mount.

Their mounts do a great job of keeping the light close to the rail and have a simple and robust, set-screw style mounting interface. The mount interface is also aggressively skeletonized to strike a balance between durability and lightweight.

Check out Low-Pro Products from AMS Machine.


Handstops – Weight Well Spent

When determining the monetary value of a new widget to hang on your carbine, most people try to determine if it adds enough functionality to justify its price. I suggest that we should be performing the same type of value analysis with weight. I rarely hear people talking about whether or not an accessory adds enough functionality to justify its weight.

Bipods are a good example. Bipods are a great tool for the precision shooter mounted on a rifle that is set up for precision shooting. The enhanced stability that a bipod offers justifies its weight in that role. Simply put, you are better off with it than without it. However, you wouldn’t (or at least you shouldn’t) put one on a carbine that has a red dot optic mounted. In that case, there is no justification for the additional weight of the bipod when just using the magazine as a monopod is more than stable enough for the relative precision of the carbine as configured. In this case, the weight of the bipod is unnecessary and it doesn’t make sense to carry it.

Handstops 3

All of that brings me to the subject of this article – hand stops. These unsung little widgets are weight-to-functionality ratio poster children. The seed of an idea for this article stems from a picture that I posted on Facebook a while ago of a lightweight carbine build. I received an email from a reader wondering why, if my intent was to build the lightest carbine possible, I didn’t just remove the hand stop. If that truly was my intent, I suppose he would be right but that is never my intent. My intent is to build the lightest carbine that I can without sacrificing functionality or reliability.

My two favorite hand stops on the market weigh just half of an ounce and yet they offer for more than a half an ounce worth of capability. Hand stops weigh so little and yet provide so much capability that it hard for me to justify removing them. Hand stops can do most, if not all, of what a vertical grip can do but in a smaller and lighter package.

The most obvious use of a hand stop is as a grip aid or index point. When using it as a grip aid, place it directly behind where you would normally grip your carbine with your support hand to give you something to pull against when shouldering the carbine. It works very well with a thumb forward or thumb over grip.

Hand stops can also make it easier to activate your weapon. Activating a weapon light often requires at least a small shift in grip. This shift may make it harder to maintain an aggressive grip. The presence of a hand stop lets you use different parts of your hand to control the muzzle end of the rifle, freeing up your fingers to reach buttons/switches that would be difficult to use otherwise.

Handstops 2

Barricade shooting is much more stable with a hand stop as long as their shape is well suited to it. I like my hand stops to have a vertical face or a slight forward hooked shape to ensure that they will bite into the barricade. You can either drive the hand stop into the barricade with the weight of your shoulder behind the carbine or hook the hand stop over the barricade and pull the hand stop back. I prefer the former.

Hand stops can also be very handy with improvised shooting positions. If you have ever shot under a low barricade from a bent over position on your knees, you will appreciate the stability that a hand stop can add when you pull it against the forearm of your support hand. This technique provides excellent stability and very fast follow-up shots.

Perhaps best of all, hand stops don’t get in the way as much as a vertical grip when resting your rifle. Shooting off of a sandbag, backpack, or an improvised field rest like a log or stump is drama free with a hand stop. That isn’t always the case with a vertical grip (not that this article is anti vertical grip as they also offer great functionality for their weight).

Handstops 1

There are two hand stops that I have used extensively and am very confident in recommending. The previously reviewed Low-Pro Products Hand Stop has a slighty hooked shape and very well rounded corners for comfort. It weighs just half an ounce and doesn’t take up much rail space. I also use all flavors of the Impact Weapons Components Weapon Control MOUNT-N-SLOTs (KeyMod, direct-connect, and Picatinny Rail versions). The Picatinny Rail version of the Weapon Control may look chunky but it is actually cored out on the underside so it only weighs half an ounce.

Almost all hand stops will weigh less than a vertical grip and almost all of them will offer more than their weight’s worth of functionality. If you are budgeting your weight like you do your money, you can’t afford not to try a hand stop.

Check out Low Pro Products and Impact Weapons Components (remember to use code “triggerjerk” to save 5% on your Impact Weapons Components order).

Low-Pro Products RMR Mount

The Trijicon RMR is gaining popularity as a primary optic on carbines, especially with the introduction of a the manually adjustable brightness models. In spite of this growing popularity, there still aren’t many mounting options available. Low-Pro Products will soon release their Picatinny Mount for the Trijicon RMR.


The Low-Pro RMR Mount features lightweight aluminum construction to compliment the light weight of the RMR. It has large wings on each side that protect the sight. The wings are skeletonized to reduce weight and allow access to the brightness controls on the adjustable RMR models. The mount can be low mounted on something like a shotgun or paired with the Low-Pro Products JPoint/Docter Optics Mount Riser
(Mfr # A-2076) for use on an AR-15.

The Low-Pro RMR Mount will be available at Low-Pro Products and Grey Group Training soon.


Review: Low-Pro Products Modular Vertical Grip and Picatinny Hand Stop

We recently reviewed a couple light mounts from Low-Pro Products and found them to be excellent. In this review, we put the spotlight on the Low-Pro Products Modular Vertical Grip and Picatinny Hand Stop.

Low-Pro Products Handstop Logo

Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip


The Low-Pro Products Modular Vertical Grip is two, two, two vertical grips in one! It is a full size vertical that can convert to a “stubby” vertical grip by unscrewing a section of the grip. The rail grabber is tightened via a thumb nut and the grip’s water-tight storage compartment cap can be used as a wrench to tighten (or loosen) the thumb nut. The built in wrench is a very clever feature. The Low-Pro Products Modular Vertical Grip weighs 6.7 ounces in full-size configuration and 4.3 ounces in stubby configuration.

The Low-Pro Products Picatinny Hand Stop has a very straight forward design. It is a short tab that curls forward (toward the muzzle) slightly and has very well chamfered corners. It attaches to the rail via a single hex nut. The Low-Pro Products Picatinny Hand Stop weighs .75 ounces.

Both the Hand Stop and Vertical Grip are machined from aluminum and hard anodized for durability. The hand stop will be familiar to many as the same design that was offered by Danger Close Consulting previously (see our Low-Pro Products Light Mount Review for more info on the relationship between the two companies). The Vertical Grip is an all new design.

Low-Pro Products Handstop Clamp

Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Full Size

Observations from Use

The Low-Pro Product Picatinny Hand Stop works very well for those who want something to pull against with their support hand but do not need a vertical grip. It is compact, lightweight, and comfortable to use thanks to the heavily chamfered corners. It can be used while oriented in either direction but I find that the design obviously favors being placed with the “hook” facing forward. In the opposite orientation, the leading edge of the rail interface presents a somewhat sharp edge that isn’t as comfortable to pull against.

Hand stops are best suited to those who push their support hand further out on the handguard. I like using a hand stop when I can because they weigh less than vertical grips and they get in the way less when you are shooting off a rest or barrier.

Low-Pro Products Handstop

The Low-Pro Modular Vertical Grip mounts easily and solidly due in part to the wrench that is integrated into the storage cap. I found the wrench to be extremely useful for turning the thumb nut a quarter turn past hand tight and then removing it later. The built in wrench isn’t a sexy feature but it is an extremely smart one. You may find that some rail covers prevent you from getting the wrench fully onto the thumb nut but the cutout in the wrench is deep enough to still provide good purchase in most cases.

The Modular Vertical Grip has a front and back though it looks like it could be oriented either way at first glance. The front edge of the rail interface is more rounded and fits the hand better than the back. This is an extremely comfortable vertical grip for me to use as a right handed shooter. I think it would be a better grip if both the front and rear were shaped like the front so that left handed users could reverse the grip to avoid contact with the thumb nut.

Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Bottom Wrench

Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Wrench In Use

You can store 3 CR123 batteries in the Modular Vertical Grip when the full size section is installed and 1 when it is in stubby configuration. The full size section of the grip is covered with large o-rings that provide great grip and the storage compartments are sealed with large o-rings as well. The threads that seal the storage compartments and connect the grip sections together is massive and very smooth. This is one tough vertical grip.

It would be great if Low-Pro Products offered this grip without the full size grip section in a stubby only configuration. Many users will have no use for the full size grip but it is comfortable in both configurations. I find it to be very comfortable with a thumb forward or thumb break type grip in stubby configuration.

Low-Pro Products Vertical Grip Thumb Nut

Wrap Up

Low-Pro Products continues to impress me with their quality and the smart features that they incorporate into their gear. In some ways, these aren’t too different from any other vertical grip or hand stop but, if you appreciate the little things, there is a lot to like about them. If you spend some time with these Low-Pro Products, it becomes pretty obvious that they bubbled out of the clever mind of a skilled machinist.

Check out the Low-Pro Products and AMS Machine website. Their products are currently available at Grey Group Training.

Low-Pro Products Handstop on M&P 15-22

Low-Pro Products G2 Light Mount with Vert Grip

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