Low-Pro Products RMR Mount

The Trijicon RMR is gaining popularity as a primary optic on carbines, especially with the introduction of a the manually adjustable brightness models. In spite of this growing popularity, there still aren’t many mounting options available. Low-Pro Products will soon release their Picatinny Mount for the Trijicon RMR.


The Low-Pro RMR Mount features lightweight aluminum construction to compliment the light weight of the RMR. It has large wings on each side that protect the sight. The wings are skeletonized to reduce weight and allow access to the brightness controls on the adjustable RMR models. The mount can be low mounted on something like a shotgun or paired with the Low-Pro Products JPoint/Docter Optics Mount Riser
(Mfr # A-2076) for use on an AR-15.

The Low-Pro RMR Mount will be available at Low-Pro Products and Grey Group Training soon.


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