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Kinetic Concepts Tactical Rhodesian Camo Kydex Holsters

Kinetic Concepts Tactical (KCT) whipped up some of their Element 1 IWB holsters in Rhodesian Camo print kydex. The holsters in the image below were a special run of holsters for RhodesianArms.com but if you want to “Be a Man Among Men”, you can get in touch with KCT to order your own.


KCT Kydex Coasters

My grandfather always told me that, “A gentleman’s coasters always match his holster.” He actually never said that but that doesn’t mean your coasters can’t match your holster. Kinetic Concepts Tactical (KCT) is now offering Kydex Coasters – a product that KCT admits exists because they had the urge to make something “because it is out of the ordinary and gives you a chuckle.”

I can appreciate that.

Why Not?

Kinetic Concepts Tactical just made a holster that will transport you back to simpler times… Times when your teacher, or Sunday school teacher, or babysitter, or parent gave you dry, fish shaped crackers and not nearly enough water to wash them down in a funny little paper cup.

This holsters features the iconic art of the 90’s era Dixie Cup. There is no good reason not to do such a thing so I applaud it. In fact, I think every holster should be printed with Dixie Cup art.

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