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Getting What You Want Part 6: Page Update Scanners

If you are in need of some hard to find carbine parts, it is time to go high tech. A browser based page update scanner may be your best tool in the quest to get the parts that you need during this time of panic buying. These tools are plugins that you can install in a browser like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Examples include AlertBox, Page Update Checker, and Update Scanner for Firefox and Page Monitor for Chrome.

A page update scanner can make it easier to finish your AR build...

A page update scanner can make it easier to finish your AR build…

They are fairly straight forward to use. You simply tell it which product page you want to monitor and it alerts you when there is a change to that page – like when an item comes in stock. This is especially handy since some parts are arriving in such small numbers that some retailers aren’t triggering their email alerts and even if they do, the part can be out of stock before you get the email.

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Getting What You Want Part 5: Blogs and Facebook

There are signs that the panic buying is beginning to stabilize but certain items are still in short supply. In my quest to finish a carbine build that I started before the panic, I came across several helpful blogs and Facebook pages that kept me up to date on what was in stock.


If you are looking for AR-15/M4 components, keep an eye on AR15News.com. Ben has done a great job of listing various lower receivers, upper receivers, magazines, and other components as they become available.

The Mrgunsngear Facebook page has been a useful tool for me as well. He does a great job of staying on top of various AR-15 and AK items that are available. I also subscribe to his Youtube channel but all the in stock item spotting happens on the Facebook page.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list. You might consider following the blogs and Facebook pages of various retailers that carry the items that you are interested in. Some pages will even tell you in advance when something will be available. All of our advertising partners keep Facebook pages and they are a great source for information on what is in stock.

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Getting What You Want Part 4: Forum Classifieds

This the 4th part of our ongoing series about how to beat the panic buyers. In this installment we will talk about the classifieds section of your favorite gun forum. Almost every gun related internet forum has a classifieds or equipment exchange section where people can list gear that is for sale. As of late, these have become pretty lousy places to buy something because everyone is trying to offload their gear while prices are high but there are still ways to get deals.

I like to concentrate on a more local gun forum, like one that services mostly just your state or region. These forums often have some better deals and sellers that are close enough to you that you can pick up the gear in person. If you can pick up the sale items in person, you can often use that as a bargaining chip to get the price down. There are also still occasional deals on the larger, national gun boards but you will need to be persistent and check multiple times daily.

B5 Systems Bravo SOPMOD Installed

If you are going to build what you need on the secondary market, persistence pays.

Some gun boards allow site sponsors to post in the classifieds section so keep an eye on these posts, too. A dealer may announce that something you have been looking for has come into stock. A lot of dealers are still selling these hard to find items at regular price or at least close to regular price.

If you really want to keep tabs on what is hitting the classifieds section, many forums allow you to subscribe to an RSS feed of all new posts in a particular forum. This gives you close to real time notification to your RSS reader when ever something new is posted.

Finally, if you are going to shop the classifieds, you may need to consider redefining your idea of a good deal. If you have an upcoming carbine course and no carbine, it may be worth it for you to pay a premium to get what you need right now.

A note on AR-15 upper receiver groups: Some of the best deals on uppers are the premium uppers that were expensive before the panic buying. Many people are grabbing for the cheaper uppers and don’t have the stomach to pay for a high dollar set up. Uppers that are already configured with rails, sights, and other accessories are often an even better deal since these items rarely add full value to the selling price of the upper.

Good luck!

Getting What You Want Part 3: Email Notifications

This is our 3rd installment of “Getting What You Want.” I am trying to share some of the strategies and techniques that you can use during this time of unprecedented panic buying. I am not encouraging you to panic buy yourself, but rather offer this as a service to those who may be finally getting around to buying their first carbines or those who, like me, were caught in the middle of a build when all of this happened.

This is certainly not a big secret but it takes some work on your part. Many online vendors offer the ability to receive an email notification when a product is placed back into “in stock” status. This can be a very useful way to be informed immediately when something that you are looking for is available.

Looking for an ALG Defense QMS Trigger? So is everyone else!

Looking for an ALG Defense QMS Trigger? So is everyone else!

These email notifications work best if you are able to stay connected throughout the day. In today’s panic buying climate, items like magazines, receivers, and bolt carrier groups sell out extremely quickly, so if you wait to check your email until you get home from White Castle on your weekly Slider Slaughtering Trip, you will probably miss out.

Your best bet is to place an email notification on every item that you are potentially interested in with every vendor that allows them. It takes time, but it can be worth it if you end up finding the item you want at a normal price.

Getting What You Want Part 2: Ebay

This is the next installment in out series on how to beat panic buying. We call it Getting What You Want!

Ebay is always controversial among gun owners. Some claim that they are anti-gun. Some say that they just minimizing their liability by limited what can be listed on their site. I will leave it up to you to determine whether you want to support Ebay or not. Regardless of how you feel, it can be a good place to find things that are otherwise hard to find.

Don’t wait for auctions to end! Everyone is watching those and you probably don’t have the time or patience to sit around and wait. Some people have sniping (entering a bid at the last moment) down to a science but I just can’t spare the time. So, I tend to sort my searches on newly listed items and look for deals on “Buy It Now” type sales. This way you stand a chance of being the first one to see an item. You can save a search and check it a few times daily if you really need to find something. Consider using Ebay’s mobile app to stay connected.

I should pass on a word of caution. Ebay prohibits the selling of some items and during all of this panic, many sellers have been listing items that are prohibited. Educate yourself as to what is within the rules as Ebay lays them out or you may find yourself open to a scam.

If you stay within the rules and apply some strategy, you might just find what you need to finish your newly acquired implement of liberty on Ebay.

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