Getting What You Want Part 2: Ebay

This is the next installment in out series on how to beat panic buying. We call it Getting What You Want!

Ebay is always controversial among gun owners. Some claim that they are anti-gun. Some say that they just minimizing their liability by limited what can be listed on their site. I will leave it up to you to determine whether you want to support Ebay or not. Regardless of how you feel, it can be a good place to find things that are otherwise hard to find.

Don’t wait for auctions to end! Everyone is watching those and you probably don’t have the time or patience to sit around and wait. Some people have sniping (entering a bid at the last moment) down to a science but I just can’t spare the time. So, I tend to sort my searches on newly listed items and look for deals on “Buy It Now” type sales. This way you stand a chance of being the first one to see an item. You can save a search and check it a few times daily if you really need to find something. Consider using Ebay’s mobile app to stay connected.

I should pass on a word of caution. Ebay prohibits the selling of some items and during all of this panic, many sellers have been listing items that are prohibited. Educate yourself as to what is within the rules as Ebay lays them out or you may find yourself open to a scam.

If you stay within the rules and apply some strategy, you might just find what you need to finish your newly acquired implement of liberty on Ebay.

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