Getting What You Want Part 5: Blogs and Facebook

There are signs that the panic buying is beginning to stabilize but certain items are still in short supply. In my quest to finish a carbine build that I started before the panic, I came across several helpful blogs and Facebook pages that kept me up to date on what was in stock.


If you are looking for AR-15/M4 components, keep an eye on Ben has done a great job of listing various lower receivers, upper receivers, magazines, and other components as they become available.

The Mrgunsngear Facebook page has been a useful tool for me as well. He does a great job of staying on top of various AR-15 and AK items that are available. I also subscribe to his Youtube channel but all the in stock item spotting happens on the Facebook page.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list. You might consider following the blogs and Facebook pages of various retailers that carry the items that you are interested in. Some pages will even tell you in advance when something will be available. All of our advertising partners keep Facebook pages and they are a great source for information on what is in stock.

Stay tuned for more tips for Getting What You Want!

One Response to Getting What You Want Part 5: Blogs and Facebook

  1. Chad February 8, 2013 at 15:56 #

    Thanks for the links.

    I do “Ammo Updates” two or three times a week on my blog. I list all the places I can find that have ammo in stock that day. Just trying to help everyone out. It’s been rough finding ammo lately and unless you’re in a habit of doing so it can sometimes take a while.

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