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FHF Gear Sportsman’s Bag – Discreet, Rifle Friendly, Duffel Bag

FHF Gear’s new Sportman’s Bag has a unique design and a ton of potential uses. If you want a bag that can carry everything you need for a carbine class, it can. If want a bag that can carry all your gear including your rifle into hunting camp, it can. If want a bag that can organize your tactical gear while looking like just a plain old duffel bag in your trunk, it can.

The Sportsman’s Bag is basically a duffel that is split in two by a fully padded rifle pocket running down the center. This pocket is accessed by a full zip across the top of the bag and includes a removable padded divider so you can carry two rifles. There are two more large zippered pockets (1 on either side of the rifle pocket) that are also accessed with top zips. These pockets are more than large enough to carry tactical gear, insulation layers, ammo, or whatever else you might need to support your adventure.

This bag is constructed more like an outdoor technical garment than what you may be used for a duffel bag. FHF Gear designed it with a bathtub bottom, built it from Spectra Centurion fabric, and sealed all the seams so it would shed weather. Then they added webbing handles that wrap around the bag for more support, a unique yoke strap that allows the bag to be carried without tipping back and forth, and finished it off with ITW metal hardware and YKK zippers.

The Sportsman’s Duffel is available in 3 sizes. You can check it out at FHFGear.com.

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FHF Gear Kestrel Pouch

Kestrel Wind Meters do more than just measure wind speed these days. Their on board ballistic computing makes them invaluable in the field whether you are a hunter or precision shooter.

FHF Gear has come up with a pouch that will help protect and keep your Kestrel close at hand. The pouch is MOLLE compatible or it can be used with their Ladder Panel to be attached to their excellent Bino Harness. This item hasn’t entered production yet but I suspect there are myriad hunters and precision shooters who would get in line for a dedicated Kestrel pouch.

fhf kestrel pouch

FHF Gear – Lightweight Mystery Ranch Load Sling Add-On Pack

I have always thought that the Mystery Ranch Load Sling had a lot of potential for use as a versatile, day pack (or even multi-day) if it was properly outfitted. Apparently, I am not the only one because FHF Gear recently showed off a personal project that turns the MR Load Sling into a day pack with a ton of functionality.

FHF Gera Load Sling Pack 2

The Lightweight Mystery Ranch Load Sling Add-On Pack is a compact pack made to mount to the back panel of the Load Sling. At 13″ x 8.5″ x 4″ and roughly 1100 cu. in., it has just enough capacity to pack the essentials while leaving the load sling clear for packing out animals or carrying other oddly shaped payloads. The pack is made from Litelock material to keep weight to a minimum.

The addition of the Lightweight Mystery Ranch Load Sling Add-On Pack to the Load Sling creates a sort of mini-Crew Cab effect. I own a Crew Cab and find it to be very versatile but it can be overkill for some applications. The Crew Cab weighs in at almost 4 pounds without the NICE Frame while FHF’s compact creation weighs less than 2 pounds including the Load Sling (without the NICE Frame).

The intended purpose of this bag appears to be hunting, but I suspect that a pack like this is versatile enough to have application beyond just hunting. Cool ideas like this are why I always have my eyes on custom gear makers. Hopefully, FHF gear will add this pack to their regular line up.

Check out FHF Gear.

FHF Gera Load Sling Pack 1 FHF Gera Load Sling Pack 3

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