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Dauntless MFG x Gypsy EDC Little Nasty

Dauntless Mfg and Gypsy EDC have announced that they have begun work on the first production run of the Little Nasty, one of the Idaho-based knife maker’s most popular designs. The production Little Nasty will be double-edged, ground from AEBL stainless steel. It features a distinctive, 3.75″ wedge-shaped blade that is all about piercing with its aggressive point.

The Little Nasty will be available with black or gray random textured G-10 scales. The provided sheath will be one of Gypsy EDC’s Deep6 kydex sheaths with centerline mounted DCC clip.

Pre-orders are already open at GyspyEDC.com

Teaser: Updates to the Dauntless MFG UB-K

Dauntless MFG just teased a new, ringless, version of their popular UB-K. Not everyone needs or wants a karambit style ring on their EDC/defensive utility knife and this new version replaces the ring with a pommel including a lanyard hole. This new version is not on the Dauntless MFG site yet but it has been indicated that there will be new runs of the UB-K soon.

That is the only potential change coming to the UB-K. Dauntless MFG has also teased a new blade change method that allows for easier blade swaps using the included, nested tool.


Dauntless Mfg. Teases New Axe

Dauntless Mfg. is teasing a new axe design that they are developing. The renders show a 13″ overall length with 1/4″ thick steel stock. According to Dauntless Mfg, the steel would likely be 5160 or S7 – both incredibly tough steels.

The design is feature-packed. The spiked head features a deep cutout behind the bit to allow the user to choke up for fine work. The haft has heavy jimping to enhance grip behind the cutting edge.

If you like axes, this is one to watch.


Dauntless MFG UB-K

What do you get when you cross a box knife with a karabit? You get something like the UB-K from Dauntless MFG.

According to Dauntless MFG, the UB-K is:

The UB-K is a fixed blade karambit style knife that accepts all standard utility knife blades. It is designed to be just at home as a part of your everyday carry or another tool in your toolbox.

The UB-K comes with a custom kydex sheath and a wrench used to change hte blade. The UB-K comes with your choice of handle panels but Dauntless MFG also sells the panels in a variety of colors and textures so you can customize the UB-K.


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