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Dark Angel Medical Med Kit Identifiers

Many modern med kit pouches, like the DARK Pouches from Dark Angle Medical, do not have any type of medical identification on the pouch. Instead, they typically have a loop field so that the user can add the identification of their choosing.

Dark Angel Medical is now offering their own line of Med Kit Identifier patches in four colors so you can choose the more visible and readily identifiable red cross or a subdued color. These PVC patches measure 1″ x 1″ so they should fit even the most compact pouches with loop fields.

dark angel med kit id

Dark Angel Medical Celebrates 50 Lives Saved

We celebrate a lot of milestones in this industry – likes, followers, page views, subscribers, sales, rounds fired… Those are great but Dark Angel Medical can top them all. They are celebrating 50 lives saved as a direct result of their training and line of medical gear.

From Dark Angel Medical:

Not long ago, we received a report on our 50th save using one of our med kits. That’s 50 reported saves in just five years! This is why we do it. There’s nothing cool or sexy about med kits. It’s about giving someone another chance at another birthday.

We encourage all of you to carry a med kit. The time chooses you, but it’s up to you to be prepared!

Kudos to Dark Angel Medical. That is one heck of a milestone.

dark angel medical 50

D.A.R.K. Shingle

Dark Angel Medical’s D.A.R.K. Shingle might just solve a problem for you. It is a space saving, thin, med pouch that is designed to fit the typical 6×3 PALS webbing footprint found commonly on the front of plate carriers and even most compact chest rigs.


It attaches directly to your plate carrier or chest rig and provides a MOLLE compatible surface that you can attach your other pouches to. This saves space and gives your kit a lower profile by placing the blowout pouch behind your other pouches. Alternately, the D.A.R.K. Shingle may be placed anywhere that you need a low-profile medical kit. There could be applications for it on the rear plate pocket of a plate carrier or on the cummerbund to reduce bulk around your sides.

The blowout kit items located inside the D.A.R.K. Shingle may be accessed from either side of the kit. The side openings are secured by hook and loop and may be opened quickly via pull tabs.

Check out the D.A.R.K. Shingle at Dark Angel Medical.

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