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New at CountyComm – Maratac 1/4″ Pen Driver Titanium

If you like titanium, you like CountyComm. They always seem to have some new titanium doodad to drool over, like the new Maratac 1/4″ Pen Driver Titanium.

This lightweight driver accepts standard 1/4″ shank bits. It has a slim design that can be clipped in a pocket thanks to the included titanium pocket clip (the same one used on CountyComm’s Embassy Pens). It features golf ball dimple texturing for some grip without tearing up your pockets.

The 1/4″ Pen Driver Titanium can store 4 bits on board (included). Three of those bits can be stored inside the handle and one of them in the bit holder. It weighs just 2.1 ounces with the 4 included bits!


Folding Titanium Craft Scalpel from CountyComm

Some people love sharpening their knives. Some don’t. For those who don’t, an EDC knife with a disposable blade can be a great choice. Many knives like this make use of utility blades there are options, like the new Folding Titanium Craft Scalpel, that make use of inexpensive scalpel blades.

CountyComm’s new Folding Titanium Craft Scalpel features a non-locking, slip joint mechanism with half stop. It has titanium scales with a machined dimple texture and a hardened steel blade holder. It uses standard #24 blades and comes with 3 replacement scalpel blades. It also includes a carry pouch.

Given the small size and lack of lock, the Folding Titanium Craft Scalpel should be legal in most jurisdictions.


Titanium Norton’s Universal Cleaning Stick from CountyComm

I am a sucker for CountyComm and their eclectic assortment of gadgets that I didn’t know I needed. I think I placed my first order there when I was in college, likely around 2000 or 2001. The first order was followed by several more over the years and one of those early orders included the handy Norton’s UCS or Universal Cleaning Stick.

CountyComm just introduced a new version of the UCS in titanium. The original plastic UCS is great for light scraping, pushing rags into nooks and crannies while cleaning, and even for setting stubborn pins or detents in tight spots. I expect that the titanium version would do all of that but could be even better at setting pins because of the additional rigidity. As you can see in the image above, the more rigid titanium also allows the UCS to turn screws – another trick that the original couldn’t really do effectively.

Check out the new Titanium Norton’s UCS at CountyComm.

County Comm Rocket Stove

County Comm’s new Rocket Stove is now available. These cook stoves allow for efficient burning of kindling sized wood. It is small enough to be portable but large enough to quickly heat pots and pans.


The Rocket Stove features double wall steel construction with Vermiculite insulation. The tripod legs are threaded to the body of the stove so that they can be removed for storage inside the combustion chamber. The stoves comes in a Maratac bag for storage.

This is a limited run of prototypes and likely won’t last long.

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