Folding Titanium Craft Scalpel from CountyComm

Some people love sharpening their knives. Some don’t. For those who don’t, an EDC knife with a disposable blade can be a great choice. Many knives like this make use of utility blades there are options, like the new Folding Titanium Craft Scalpel, that make use of inexpensive scalpel blades.

CountyComm’s new Folding Titanium Craft Scalpel features a non-locking, slip joint mechanism with half stop. It has titanium scales with a machined dimple texture and a hardened steel blade holder. It uses standard #24 blades and comes with 3 replacement scalpel blades. It also includes a carry pouch.

Given the small size and lack of lock, the Folding Titanium Craft Scalpel should be legal in most jurisdictions.

One Response to Folding Titanium Craft Scalpel from CountyComm

  1. Whoopie February 10, 2020 at 12:41 #

    I worked for a doctor and he’d throw a fit if you said “salpel”…it’s pronounced sca-pel, like scapula (the shoulder blade). Another preferred term is Bard Parker or just BP (for the company that makes the blades and handles). One last caveat, blades should be installed and removed with a large hemostat and not your fingers, I’ve seen the blades break and go flying (I got a scar on my finger to prove it).

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