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Think Carbon Fiber Knives Will Pass a Metal Detector? Not So Fast!

Carbon Fiber has long been a popular choice for knifemakers who create cutting tools for non-permissive environments. It is strong and has increased cutting ability when ground to a thin edge versus other non-metallic materials like G-10 or Micarta. However, recent testing on the part of Special Circumstances and BFE Labs has shown that carbon fiber can in fact be detected.

If these sort of topics are germane to your interests, I highly suggest you read more about the testing and its implications at BFE Labs: Failure of Carbon Fiber Knives to Pass Metal Detector Screening


BFE Labs SOCP Sheath Concept

The Benchmade SOCP knife is designed around a strong, secure grip concept which makes it especially ironic that most sheaths available for it cover the grip all the way up to the index finger ring. BFE Labs is playing with a sheath concept that covers only blade, allowing the user to establish a full grip before the knife even clears kydex.

The prototype sheath is shown attached to PALS webbing but the concept could likely be adapted to belt carry. It could work especially well with a static line as well.

If you have an SOCP and would like to see this concept come into production, sound off in the comment section.

Public Service Announcement: Beware Knock-Off/Fake Hemostatic Products

You have likely heard of the knock-off tourniquets that are coming into the country from China. Now there is a new knock-off hitting these shores – hemostatic products. These products are designed to look like established products but have ZERO vetting behind them to prove their function. This makes them extremely dangerous to anyone who adds them to their kit expecting them to be potentially life saving tools.

BFE Labs has done a great job of uncovering this story and finding specific examples of what the fake products look like. You should check out their article for more details: BFE Labs – Fake Hemostatic Products

Remember to source your medical products from reliable, original sources.

Badlander Survival Kit V2

BFE Labs has released their Badlander Survival Kit V2 for pre-order. This kit is built from quality components and designed to help someone with an already developed survival skillset through 72-96 hours.

BFE Badlander V2

The kit contains gear solutions to the most important survival problems of water, shelter, fire, signalling, basic first aid, and navigation. All of the contents fit in a compact Seal Line dry bag (except the Mora knife).

  • 1 Super HeatSheets 5’x8’ Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket (Subdued)
  • 2 Orion 5 Minute SAR Fire Starter/Signal Flares (Red)
  • 1 Pocket Water Kit, with 1 Liter Heavy-Duty Sterile Bag, and 3 days supply of AquaMira purification tabs (in Black Zip Pouch)
  • 1 AquaMira Frontier water filtration straw (in original packaging for sanitation)
  • 1 Pocket Survival Kit, with SparkLite fire starter, Tinder-Quik Tabs, 20mm brass SERE Compass, Folding Prep Razor, Folding
  • Escape Saw, Micro LED and 25’ of Technora 250lb-test Line (in Black Zip Pouch, with SOLAS Retroreflective Panel for signalling)
  • 1 Mini-Signalling Kit with 18×20” Heavy Duty Signal Panel and Mini-Signal Mirror, in Soft Pouch
  • 1 Military Lensatic Compass (Tan) -3 Cyalume 12-hour Green Lightsticks
  • 2 Cyalume 30-minute Yellow High Intensity Lightsticks (for Signalling)
  • 1 Mini Headlamp
  • 1 Small Repair/Tool Kit, with 1×18” Sealed-fold of Gorilla Tape, 8 assorted Safety Pins and 6 eye-screws.
  • 1 Minor First Aid Kit, with 2 Antibiotic and 1 Burn Cream sachets, 5 Butterfly Sutures, and Multiple BandAids
  • 25’ Feet of Mil-Spec Parachute Cord (Coyote Tan)
  • 1 Morakniv Heavy Duty Companion knife (with squared spine)

BFE Labs tests everything that they use in their kits. I have used most of the components listed and I’m impressed with the quality. This is not your typical big box store survival kit.

Head over to BFE Labs to read more about the design and use of this kit.

BFE Badlander V2 Contents

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