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Multicam Alpine MPIL from Battle Systems

The Battle Systems MPIL has a significant new capability under it’s belt thanks to a new camo pattern. The addition of a new Multicam Alpine version gives the MPIL true 4 season functionality.

multicam alpine MPIL folded

The original MPIL had an orange side and a pink side, just like the legacy VS-17 that it so deftly replaces. In subsequent versions, Battle Systems replaced the pink side with various camo patterns that gave the MPIL the ability to both be plainly visible and to conceal from sight. Now, with the addition of the Multicam Alpine, that concealment ability has been extended to winter and snowy, alpine climates.

The hunter/hiker can now purchase an MPIL with the original Multicam pattern and a Multicam Alpine pattern to cover their signalling and concealment needs throughout the year. Check out the new Multicam Alpine MPIL from Battle Systems.

multicam alpine MPIL concealment

Battle Systems LLC – Mission Main Street Grant

BattSysMissionMainStGrantBattle Systems LLC, maker of the excellent MPIL and killer tape, is vying for a Chase Mission Main Street Grant and they need your help. These grants are designed to help small businesses take the next step in growing their business. There will be 12 grants awarded and they have November 15th to get 250 votes. Once they have those votes, they will go to a deliberation stage where a panel decides who recieves the grants. Today is November 1st so there is only 2 weeks left to vote. Time is running short.

BattSysLLC Timeline

Here is what they are looking to do with the grant money:

We need to consolidate production, hire a few employees, and get our sales team on the road more.  This will increase our OEM manufacturing capabilities with companies we are partnered with in developing more products for you guys.  We can also bring some new products to the marketplace sooner than we’d planned.  Vote for Battle Systems LLC – a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.  Semper Fi!

Vote for Battle Systems LLC!


New Battle Systems MPIL Versions Available Now

MPIL Varients

If you have been thinking about purchasing an MPIL or two from Battle Systems LLC, it is time to stop thinking and start doing. They have rolled out 9 different versions now. There is the original which features an orange panel and a high visibility pink panel along with 8 different options for replacing the pink panel with various camo schemes including A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Woodland MARPAT, UCP, Reflective Digital and good old Woodland.

If you buy one today (July 30th, 2013), you will receive a free roll of their killer Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown. Check out the all the new MPIL varients at Battle Systems LLC.

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