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MPIL Mk2 and Mk3 from Battle Systems LLC

The Battle Systems LLC has now released the MPIL Mk2 and MPIL Mk3. These are larger versions of the excellent Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight (MPIL).

mpil mk2 collage

The original MPIL Mk1 is 2′ x 2′ and packs down to a 2″ x 2″ square for easy storage. The new MPIL Mk2 is essentially the size of two Mk1 MPILs side by side at 4′ x 2′ when deployed. The MPIL Mk3 unfurls to an impressive 4′ x 4′ when deployed or basically the size of four MPIL Mk1s.

The MPIL Mk2 and Mk3 are available in the standard orange/violet color scheme as well as orange/coyote brown and orange/multicam. Other color combination may be available as a custom order.

Check out the MPIL Mk2 and Mk3 at Battle Systems LLC.


MPIL/CAT Trap from Battle Systems LLC and OC Tactical

Battle Systems LLC is now offering a special version of the OC Tactical CAT Trap that is designed to hold the MPIL signal panel. The MPIL/CAT Trap has a minimalist design that allows the user to stow an MPIL directly on the surface of any MOLLE compatible webbing. This is an extremely compact and easy to deploy way to carry your MPIL.

mpil cat trap oc battle systems

Like the original CAT Trap, the MPIL/CAT Trap will hold a tourniquet and it has a patch of grip material on its underside to increase retention. The MPIL/CAT Trap has the addition of a small loop Velcro field on its exterior to hold IR or visible light reflective patches that are often used in conjunction with the MPIL.

Check out the MPIL/CAT Trap at Battle Systems LLC.

mpil cat trap mounted oc battle systems

Multicam Alpine MPIL from Battle Systems

The Battle Systems MPIL has a significant new capability under it’s belt thanks to a new camo pattern. The addition of a new Multicam Alpine version gives the MPIL true 4 season functionality.

multicam alpine MPIL folded

The original MPIL had an orange side and a pink side, just like the legacy VS-17 that it so deftly replaces. In subsequent versions, Battle Systems replaced the pink side with various camo patterns that gave the MPIL the ability to both be plainly visible and to conceal from sight. Now, with the addition of the Multicam Alpine, that concealment ability has been extended to winter and snowy, alpine climates.

The hunter/hiker can now purchase an MPIL with the original Multicam pattern and a Multicam Alpine pattern to cover their signalling and concealment needs throughout the year. Check out the new Multicam Alpine MPIL from Battle Systems.

multicam alpine MPIL concealment

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