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Battle Systems End of Year Sale

Battle Systems LLC announced that they are running a sale from now until to the end of year. If you buy $20 worth of gear, you will receive a roll of their excellent Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown. Buy an MPIL, and you’ll get a free roll of tape. If you buy 3 rolls of tape, you’ll get a 4th roll free. There are lots of opportunity to get some free tape.

MPILs and rolls of Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown are the very definition of stocking stuffers. Check out BattleSystemsLLC.com.



We are big fans of the Battle Systems MPIL and while one of the key features of the MPIL is that it can be stowed just about anywhere, it can be nice to have a dedicated pouch for it. That is where TAREINCO comes in with their MPIL Pouch. TAREINCO loves the MPIL just as much as we do so they did what they do and made a pouch for it.

The MPIL pouch is nearly as compact as the MPIL itself. It is just 3”x2.75”x0.5” and mounts to 1 column and 2 rows of PALS webbing. It features a pouch for holding the MPIL itself and a smaller pouch for holding your IR glint tapes for use with the MPIL. The front of the pouch has a Velcro panel that can hold small patches or IR glint tapes.

The MPIL Pouch is currently available from TAREINCO.com and they will be available as a package with an MPIL soon. Check out the MPIL on BattleSystemsLLC.com.

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