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Princeton Tec VIZZ

I always look forward to seeing what Princeton Tec will come up with next – especially when it comes to headlamps. I have been using their lights for more than 15 years! Their newest headlamp is called the VIZZ and it looks like it has a lot going for it.

Princeton Tec VIZZ

The VIZZ has only one button. The user can dictate how the light behaves by how they interact with this button. Click it one time for red light output from 2 5mm LEDs. Click it two times for 150 lumens of white light. If you depress and hold the button, you can activate 2 dimable 5mm white LEDs. Click three times to lock the VIZZ to prevent accidental activation.

I have a strong affinity for headlamps that either come on in low red mode or that allow the user to easily access this mode without shuffling through the bright white modes. This prevents you from ruining your dark adjusted vision.

The VIZZ runs on 3x AAA batteries which is a form factor that Princeton Tec has perfected. It keeps the light small enough and light enough that it doesn’t need a top strap but still provides long runtimes (up to 160 hours for the VIZZ).

Hazard 4 Poncho Villa

A good poncho is just about as versatile as any gear can be. The USGI poncho is part raincoat, part bivy cover, part tent, and all awesome. Hazard 4 has taken all of the functionality and upgraded the materials. The result is the Poncho Villa.


The Ponco Villa is a modernized version of the venerable USGI poncho. It features softshell fabric construction to keep the rain off while still being somewhat breathable. It has snaps to close the sides and grommets so it can be strung up as a makeshift tent. The Poncho Villa packs into its own front pocket which has a Velcro field on the front for displaying ID or patches. There are also Velcro fields on the shoulders, back of the head, and back.

This poncho has even more tricks up its sleeves (or lack there of). Read more at


NavELite Compass Case Preview

NavELite Compass Case

Everyone’s favorite wrist compass (or at least it should be), the NavELite Compass, will soon have an available case. The NavELite Compass Case will have storage for the NavELite Compass, a small screwdriver for the battery compartment of the compass, spare screws, and spare batteries. That should be just about everything you need to keep your NavELite Compass’ EL backlight up and running in the field. It has a semi-rigged design to protect contents and a snap-link to allow for a variety of storage options.

NavELite Case Interior

Haley Strategic Partners Health and Medical Line

HSP LogoHaley Strategic Partners is expanding their offerings to include various health and medical gear including skin care products (yes, skin care) and Oral I.V.

HSP released this video that outlines some of the reasoning behind the expanded product line, some of the products that will be included, and shows a very impressive demonstration of Oral I.V. If you watch the video, the skin care product stuff will make more sense. I promise.


Multicam MPIL MKI from Battle Systems

Not everyone needs the double sided, high visibility functionality of the original MPIL MKI. In fact, having two high visibility sides on a signal panel may be a liability to some users. That is why Battle System developed a new Multicam version of the MPIL MKI.

MPIL MK1 Multicam

This new version features a Multicam side paired with a high visibility orange side. This allows the user to flash the high visibility side quickly while remaining camouflaged when necessary. Obviously this version is geared more toward military users but it could also be very useful to hunters who wish to remain camouflaged at times and need to be seen at others.

Check out the new Multicam MPIL MKI at

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