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DIY Self-Contained Fire Starter

If you have a few minutes of time, some candle wax, strike anywhere matches, and toilet paper you can make your own moisture resistant, self-contained fire starters. These are some of the most clever DIY fire starters that I have seen mostly because of the self contained design. You don’t need a separate fire source to start them.

eGear SplashFlash LED Light

I don’t do much deal spotting on JTT but this is too good not to share. If you have a Meijer store near you, you might want to head to the tool/flashlight section and look around a bit. My local Meijer store has eGear SplashFlash LED Lights on clearance for $5.99.

The SplashFlash is a small beacon style light that comes in several colors and is about the size of a tube of lip balm. It has a Nichia LED that puts out 25 lumens (ANSI rating) and is powered by a single AAA battery. It has reasonably rugged plastic construction and is sealed with a fairly large o-ring which makes it very water-resistant.

egear SplashFlashWhat makes this light useful is its small size, 11 hour runtime (the one that I tested actually put out useful light for longer than 11 hours), and frosted dome over the LED. It is basically like carrying a very small and very useful lantern. It throws a surprising amount of light in all directions. The light comes with a Duracell battery and a small carabiner so it can be hung from just about anything. It is bright enough that it can light up our master bedroom enough that I can read beneath the light and safely navigate the entire room. It is also pretty handy for illuminating the inside of a backpack in the dark or as an ultralight lantern substitute for camping or power outages. You will find a million uses for a light like this.

This certainly isn’t a tactical light and it probably wouldn’t make a great EDC on its own but it is a great addition to your EDC or survival/preparedness stash. I am going to go back to my local Meijer and buy several more.

Look for an upcoming review of several handy sub-$20 lights that every Trigger Jerk can add to their toolbox.

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