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RE Factor Tactical Stuffable SSE Backpack

Wanna see a magic trick? RE Factor Tactical’s new Stuffable SSE Backpack starts out looking like a nondescript 6.5″ x 6.5″ folded lump of fabric but folds out almost instantly into a 20 liter day pack. Magic.

The pack features a large, zipper closed main compartment that also contains the integrated stuff sack which can be used as an internal pouch. There are 2 zipper closed pockets on the front of the pack that can be used to stow smaller items. The main body of the pack is made from 70D nylon to reduce weight and make the backpack packable while the backpack’s straps are made from 1000D Cordura for durability with a Aeromesh mesh lining for comfort.

Check out the Stuffable SSE Backpack at RE Factor Tactical.

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Banshee Defender System – OSS VERSION 2

bansheedefendersystemOSSOFFICERSURVIVALSOLUTIONS6Shellback Tactical is now offering another affordable, relatively lightweight, turnkey armor package. The Banshee Defender System – OSS Version 2 comes with 2 OSS 2 LEVEL III 3.2 LB NIJ 06 Plates that weigh just 3.2 pounds each. You can choose an original Banshee or Banshee QD in your choice of color. Additionally, the kit will come with a Ranger Green Tough Hook for limited time!

The entire package costs under $700. You can read more details on the plates and the entire package at Shellback Tactical.

Emberlit FireAnt Now Available


After a smashingly successful crowdfunding campaign, the Emberlit FireAnt is now available. The FireAnt is the latest and greatest version of an already great stove. It allows the user to heat food using wood, alcohol burners, fuel tabs, and more. It stores completely flat and titanium construction means the whole stove weighs just 2.8 ounces.

Until now, only Kickstarter backers could get their hands on the stove. Check out the FireAny at Emberlit.

Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK from RE Factor Tactical

The Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK (MDC) from RE Factor Tactical is concealed first aid carrier that is designed to be used and carried in a number of different ways. It can be worn around your midsection like a belly band holster, around the ankle or arm, or rolled up and placed in a larger pouch to be used like a medical insert.


In addition to it’s ability to carry aid items, the DC itself can serve as one. Its elasticity and 12 different Velcro break positions allow it to achieve a high degree of compression so that it can actually be used as a compression bandage. The 8 integral pouches keep your first aid items organized while removable tabs keep them retained. The MDC also has a red pull tab to serve as a visual indicator of the medical supplies it carries and so that it can located when carried inside another pouch or bag.

Check out the Multimode Discrete Carry IFAK at RE Factor Tactical.

Make Ready to Survive

The latest addition to Panteao Production’s Make Ready series is Make Ready to Survive. This new group of instructional videos will feature survival instructors like Paul Howe, Dave Canterbury, and others. They will be releasing more than a dozen videos with topics like Bugging Out, Building a Survival Kit, Short Term Prep & Plan, and more. The first titles will be available in December.

panteao make ready to survive

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