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Midwest Armor Available at Appalachian Training

GuardianI am about to make your day. You know how you have been putting off buying ballistic plates because you didn’t think you could afford good ones? Well, now you can. Appalachian Training is now stocking Midwest Armor Guardian IV plates at $138.95 per plate.

These are 10×12″, Level IV stand-alone plates from a retailer that offers the best service in the armor biz for less than $140 a piece. That is pretty tough to beat.

Check them out at Appalachian Training.

Appalachian Training Plymouth Rig


Recipe for a great armor set up:

  1. Start with a quality carrier like the Mayflower R&C Low-Profile Armor Carrier.
  2. Add Mayflower R&C’s breathable mesh cummerbund.
  3. Add Mayflower R&C shoulder pads.
  4. Combine all the ingredients and sell for one special package price.

That is the recipe that Appalachian Training followed for their latest armor package – the AT Plymouth Rig.The Plymouth Rig is named for a group of police officers from Massachusetts who had input into the design of the package. This package can be run slick or scaled up to a number of configurations easily by adding soft armor (not included), hard plates (not included), chest rigs via the SwiftClip attachment system (not included), and other PALS compatible accessories.

The recipe for a great armor set up isn’t complicated. It’s just great components at a great price.


RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag in 50 Shades of Multicam

Okay, so there aren’t 50 shades of Multicam but the RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag is available in two Multicam colorways: Multicam and Multicam Black. This brings the total number of available colorways up to four including the previously available black and Foliage Green.

ASO Bag RE Factor Tactical

Check out the new ASO Bag color options at RE Factor Tactical. RE Factor Tactical is offering 10% the ASO Bag this weekend only when you use the code: ASOSALE.

Blue Force Gear – Last Call

I like to check the Blue Force Gear Last Call page from time to time just to see if there is anything that I can’t live without. Blue Force Gear typically keeps the page stocked with special edition items, one-offs, and clearance deals.

I checked it this morning and found some really slick Vickers Padded Hybrid Slings that I haven’t seen before. They just like the normal Vickers Combat Applications Slings but with a contrasting camo pad rather than a color matched pad. They look pretty handsome but the big news is that they are just $30! The last time I saw padded VCAS slings priced this low, I bought 4 of them.

Check out the Blue Force Gear Last Call page.

hybrid vcas 3 hybrid vcas 2 hybrid vcas 1

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