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20$Bandit Mini-Mini-Kit?

I’m a big fan of the Mini-Kit MK-7 from 20$Bandit. So, a picture that came across my desk recently piqued my interest. It would appear that 20$Bandit is working on a Mini-Mini-Kit!

20$Bandit Prototype

The Mini-Kit MK-7 is a great size to carry in another pack or possibly to wedge into a cargo pocket but it isn’t going to work in your front pocket. This new prototype looks like it will pack a lot of same functionality into a much smaller, more pocketable package.

I’ll keep you up to date on the progress of this prototype. In the mean time, check out 20$Bandit.

BFG Wallet and Tie for Dad

Ties and wallets are go to Father’s Day gifts but no one does them quite like Blue Force Gear. Why not get dad a matching set?


Blue Force Gear’s previously released “tactical” colored BFG Ties have been joined in the product line by their new BFG Wallet. The BFG Wallet is made from the same lightweight, thin, and super durable ULTRAcomp material – the same stuff they use to build their lightweight but bombproof Helium Whisper and MOLLEminus gear.

Check out the new BFG Wallet at Blue Force Gear.

Wallet-crease-angle-800x533 Wallet-with-cash-800x533

US Made Plate Carrier for $49.99 at Katylist

I am just going to blurt this out since you’ll probably close this window and head for before I can finish this post… Plate carrier… Made in USA… $49.99!

If you are still with me, here is some more information. These carriers are part of an overrun from an agency order – once they are gone, they are gone. It is available in any color you want as long as it is black. The carrier features:

  • Accepts common 10×12 plates
  • 1000D Cordura Nylon construction
  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Removable side plate pockets
  • Plenty of loop material on the upper part of the plate pocket for ID and patches
  • Plenty of PALS webbing real estate on the upper plate pocket, cummerbund, and cummerbund flap

These might just be worth putting away for a rainy day! Check them out at Katylist.


S&J Hardware Detachable Shotshell Carrier Pouch MKIII

I have really seen the light when it comes to hook backed, elastic loop side saddles/shot shell cards for shotguns. They just offer so many more ammo management capabilities with less weight and lower cost.

One of their biggest advantages is the ability to remove and replace them quickly as they become depleted. That sounds good but you still have to work out how you will carry the spares. You have options like sticking a spare or two the loop field on your plate carrier or chest rig(if it has one). You could also carry the cards in AR-15 magazine pouches which works reasonably well. However, if you want a dedicated solution, you might consider something like the new Detachable Shotshell Carrier Pouch MKIII (DSC) from S&J Hardware.

DSC Pouch

The DSC is a pouch that is purpose built to carry 3 (included) shotgun cards. One of the cards is carried on the front of the pouch where it is always ready. You can think of that one as a speed reload in a sense. The other two are secured inside the pouch. The pouch is closed via a zipper and it features a large pull tab on the top so that it can be ripped open easily with one hand. It is MOLLE compatible with a footprint that is basically the same as a standard M4 magazine pouch.

This looks like a very well thought out solution and a heck of a deal considering it comes with 3 shell cards. Check out the S&J Hardware Detachable Shotshell Carrier Pouch MKIII.

Review: OC Tactical HP2 Hearing Protection Cover

I have been using OC Tactical’s earlier version of the Hearing Protection Cover for years and I am very partial to it. My Sordin electronic hearing protection has a permanently attached, leather-like headband cover on it that turns kind of slimy if you wear it on a hot day, so I have always covered it up with a cover from OC Tactical. My original cover is durable, comfortable, breaths well, and you can take it off to clean it. Like I said, I have grown partial to it. So, when I heard that OC Tactical was coming out with a new version that was easier for them to manufacture but a better overall product, I was skeptical. I mean, I trust Mike at OC Tactical to make great gear but… I really like my old cover.


The HP2 Hearing Protection Cover is made from Cordura Nylon with a foam backed Dri-Lex mesh liner. It made to be wrapped around the headband and secured along its entire length with hook and loop material. There is a handy loop sewn into one side of the cover that allows you to secure your hearing protection to your gear via a carabineer or similar device. OC Tactical offers an optional section of color matched loop to secure name tapes for a small fee.

OC Tactical HP2

Observations from Use

The fit is better on the new HP2 than the previous version of the hearing protection covers. It lays flatter and seems to be a bit more forgiving to install without feeling like there is too much extra material. Not only does it fit my Sordins with the non-removable, leatherish cover still in place, it also fits bare Sordin headbands and the budget friendly Howard Leight Impact Sport head set.

It also feel thinner overall than the original without any loss in comfort. I have a large noggin and, without some padding, my Sordins will start get uncomfortable on the crown of my head. OC Tactical’s covers have always been a suitable fix for that. The new HP2 is just as comfortable but with a bit less bulk which means it works better under a helmet (not that I ever have much reason to wear one, but you might). That is a win-win.

My HP2 has a loop made from shock cord. OC Tactical found that sometimes the sewing machine’s needle would pierce and break the inner elastic strands in the shock cord which weakens it. They have since changed to a paracord loop. I like that kind of retro-testing and attention to detail.

OC Tactical HP2 Loop

Considering everything I said above, I would say my initial skepticism was misplaced. I actually prefer the HP2 to the old version but I haven’t even covered the best part of the new design. It has been streamlined so that it costs less and is almost always in stock! If you have one of the older ones, you know it could take a while for OC Tactical to work through their waiting list. They made thousands and thousands of these covers. Now, with the new product HP2, they are available right this minute for less money. Progress!

Wrap Up

The HP2 is a better cover than the original at a lower cost and with immediate availability. That is hard to hate. Check out the OC Tactical HP2 Hearing Protection Cover.

OC Tactical HP2 Open Outside OC Tactical HP2 Open Inside

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