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Fight and Flight Tactical BLiSS

There are a lot of slings with a lot of features and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing if they are well made. However, when those features are poorly executed and unnecessary, they can have a negative effect on the reliability of something that should be pretty simple. When you think about, a sling really doesn’t have to do much. All it really needs to do is keep your rifle/shotgun tied to you and that is exactly the thinking behind the Fight and Flight Tactical BLiSS.

Fight and Flight BLiSS

The BLiSS isn’t anything truly new. It is a fairly basic single point sling that has a handful of attachment options and a removable airmesh pad for comfort. This sling is a throw back to simpler slings that served their purpose without a bunch of potential failure points. It doesn’t do much because it doesn’t have to.

Check out the BLiSS at Fight and Flight Tactical.

Vertx Airflow Phantom Ops Pant at PredatorBDU

Vertx Fighter Design

PredatorBDU just released one of the first detailed videos about the new Vertx Airflow Phantom Ops Pant. The licensing of Fighter Design’s Airflow tech by Vertx was some of the most exciting news leading into the SHOT Show and they didn’t disappoint at the show. Every report that I have heard has been very positive regarding the way air moves through these pants.

The Vertx Airflow Phantom Ops Pant is available for pre-order at PredatorBDU.

Vickers 2-2-1 Sling

Blue Force Gear has introduced the latest evolution of the Vickers Combat Applications Sling (VCAS) – the Vickers 2-2-1 Sling. It is basically a a standard VCAS with additional hardware that provides the ability to transition from 2 point to single point configuration.

BFG Vickers 2-2-1 Sling

The Vickers 2-2-1 Sling utilizes a handful of already existing Blue Force Gear hardware to achieve its 2 to 1 point functionality – the RED Swivel, Burnsed Socket, and a standard push button QD swivel. The RED Swivel sewn in at the front attachment point. This is ideal when coupled with the included Burnsed Socket. I have tested this configuration before it was offered as an off-the-shelf package and found that the RED Swivel is far easier to use in the 2 to 1 point configuration than a standard push button swivel.

A standard push button QD swivel is included to be woven in at the rear attachment point. Blue Force Gear didn’t sew in this swivel so that the sling could retain some additional adjustment.

Check out the new Vickers 2-2-1 Sling at Blue Force Gear.

New Camo Patterns at Fight and Flight Tactical

Pencott Kryptek Fight and Flight

Fight and Flight Tactical is beginning to phase in the PenCott family of camo patterns into their product line along with Kryptek Typhon.

That means that the YUCK, which is the best kids backpack ever made and a huge hit in my house, will be available in the PenCott patterns shortly. Check out Billy, the owner of Fight and Flight Tactical’s son, sporting his brand new Kryptek Typhon YUCK complete with JTT 30 Lives Patch (below)!

Check out Fight and Flight Tactical.

Fight and Flight Yuck with 30 Lives Patch

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