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Snake Eater Tactical Burro Magazine Pouches

There are kydex magazine pouches and there are elastic magazine pouches. Snake Eater Tactical’s Burro magazine pouches combine both into the same pouch.


The body of the Burro magazine pouches is constructed from 5″ heavy duty elastic which offers solid retention and allows it to adapt to a variety of magazines of similar shape and size. Snake Eater Tactical adds a curved kydex insert that adds structure and keeps pouch slightly open when open to make inserting a magazine easier. When the magazine is removed, the pouch lays mostly flat and out of the way. They are MOLLE compatible and come with MALICE Clips.

The Burro magazine pouches are available for both double stack pistol magazines and 5.56 rifle magazines.


Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit Now Available

The Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit is now available! We have previously mentioned this kit when it being developed, and if you have been following us on Facebook and Instagram, you have seen an early version of the kit. It is a truly excellent kit that is surprisingly versatile and comprehensive given its small size.

Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit

The kit is small and packed full of useful items but there is space for a bit more. Vigilant Gear is offering a Bogota Titanium Nano Entry Toolset as an optional upgrade.

Check out the Vigilant Gear Micro SERE Kit and stay tuned for a full review of the kit.

vigilant gear micro sere kit in hand

Giveaway: OC Tactical Banner Patch Panel and JTT 30 Live Patch

And the winners are…

John S. wins the patch panel and patch

Jeff P wins a patch

Chris B wins a patch

OC Tactical is giving you a chance to start your own patch collection. They have provided one of their excellent Multicam Banner Patch Panels for use to give away. No patch panel should ever be without patches so JTT is kicking in a JTT 30 Lives Patch to go with the panel. 2 additional winners will receive 30 Lives Patches.

Thank you OC Tactical for providing the panel!

OC Tactical Banner Panel with JTT 30 Lives

You must use the automated entry forms below to enter. Commenting on this post will not enter you into the giveaway.


  1. Connect to the automated entry forms below via Facebook or by entering your email address. You will not be spammed and nothing will be posted on your timeline without your approval.
  2. Complete the various entry tasks listed (Like the OC Tactical website, visit their homepage, etc) at the bottom of the entry forms to increase your number of entries. You can skip any of them that you do not wish to complete, except for liking OC Tactical on Facebook which is a mandatory step, by clicking the small blue arrows near the bottom of the form to advance.
  3. Share the unique URL that you are given to Tweet the giveaway. You will receive an extra entry for each person you refer.

Open to those with USA mailing addresses (US Armed Forces included). The winner will be chosen on 3/07/2014 at 8PM.

Note: If you do not see the entry form directly below this note, it may be due to your browser. If you are using IE then you can click the compatibility mode button in the address bar (looks like a torn page).


Multicam Alpine MPIL from Battle Systems

The Battle Systems MPIL has a significant new capability under it’s belt thanks to a new camo pattern. The addition of a new Multicam Alpine version gives the MPIL true 4 season functionality.

multicam alpine MPIL folded

The original MPIL had an orange side and a pink side, just like the legacy VS-17 that it so deftly replaces. In subsequent versions, Battle Systems replaced the pink side with various camo patterns that gave the MPIL the ability to both be plainly visible and to conceal from sight. Now, with the addition of the Multicam Alpine, that concealment ability has been extended to winter and snowy, alpine climates.

The hunter/hiker can now purchase an MPIL with the original Multicam pattern and a Multicam Alpine pattern to cover their signalling and concealment needs throughout the year. Check out the new Multicam Alpine MPIL from Battle Systems.

multicam alpine MPIL concealment

Mayflower R&C Placards

The SwiftClip system from Mayflower R&C and Velocity Systems changed the way we integrate chest rigs and plate carriers. Now, Mayflower R&C is about to drop the next evolution of that system on us.

mayflower placard 3

They have created what they call Placards which are panels that can be attached to the front of their plate carriers in much the same way as you would attach a chest rig. These Placards attach to the vertical buckles at the top of the plate pocket and they have hook Velcro on the back so they can secure to the loop Velcro material found on the lower front of many Mayflower R&C and Velocity Systems plate carriers.

The Placards will be available in multiple versions for both 5.56 and 7.62 platforms. They will allow the body armor wearer to quickly change their load out to suite their weapon and mission.

Check out Mayflower R&C for more details. These will be available at Appalachian Training soon.

mayflower placard 2 mayflower placard 1

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