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Rocky Mountain Bullseye C.A.T. from TOPS Knives

Just over a week ago, TOPS Knives introduced their C.A.T. knives with a new grip pattern called Cryptic Cyber. Now they have released a second grip pattern option with a very cool back story.


The new Rockey Mountain Bullseye texture came about serendipitously! The folks at TOPS were machining handles when a machining error created a divot pattern in the surface of the grip slab. It looked good and it felt good so the only thing left to do was program the machine to make the mistake divots on purpose. I wish my mistakes turned out so well.


The new texture is available on the C.A.T. knives in both drop point and tanto. The C.A.T. series is a mainstay of the TOPS Knives lineup thanks to their handy size and versatile shapes.

TOPS Knives launched the new scales today and they are available at an introductory price in both the Tanto version and Hunter’s Point (drop point).

  • Blade length: 3 1/4″
  • Overall length: 7 1/4″
  • Thickness: 5/32″
  • Scales: Black G-10
  • Steel: 1095
  • Sheath: Kydex with multi-position steel clip
  • Weight: 7.5 oz



Extreme Gear Labs has a fresh take on the classic claymore bag. Their new 2 Lid CLAYMOARRR Bag offers a ton of functionality and modern features in a bag that still stays true to its roots.


The original claymore bags had two pouches that shared a single lid. The EGL CLAYMOARRR has two lids, one for each of the front pouches, that can be used independently. The lids are secured with side release buckles along with hook and loop. The hook and loop can be blocked so that only the buckles secure the lids. There is also a large document pouch behind the iconic front pouches.

The bag boasts plenty of organization potential. It has PALS webbing on the top and sides of each of the front pouches. The two front pouches are loop lined so that you can add any hook backed pouch you want for small item organization.

The bag is secured to the wearer via a 2″ shoulder strap and there are loops for adding a waist strap.

Check out EGL on their website and their Facbeook page.

Save $20 on Armageddon Gear EDC AK Case

Remember that EDC AK Case from Armageddon Gear that I mentioned recently? Well, it is on sale for $20 off!

This case is specifically designed to carry an AK with folding stock along with some essentials to support the fight like mags and first aid items. It’s nondescript shape conceals its contents and the flip top lid provides immediate access to the pistol grip so you can get the AK into action quickly.

Check out the EDC AK Case on sale at Armageddon Gear.

ak-edc-gear-case-1 ak-edc-gear-case-3 ak-edc-gear-case-2

RE Factor Tactical Fight Soap

Apparently a bunch of you are stinky sons of guns because RE Factor Tactical’s Fight Soap sold out in about a day (or maybe Fight Soap just has a really dedicated following because they make great soap)! The good news is that there is that the second half of the limited edition batch is in bound for next week. Once that is gone, you’ll never see it again. Check out RE Factor Tactical Fight Soap.


Reverse the 7N6 Ammo Ban

The ATF announced yesterday that they will shelve their M855 ammo ban plans based on the overwhelming response (and likely some political pressure). It is a good time to try to ride the momentum and reverse the already standing import ban of 7N6.

7N6 is a common and inexpensive variety of 5.45×39 that was banned under the same faulty logic that the ATF used in their attempt to ban M855. The importation ban of 7N6 caused an immediate spike in the prices of all varieties of 5.45×39 ammo and removed the most common form of that particular caliber from the shelves.

A petition has already been started at If you have already contacted your elected officials about the potential M855 ban, consider contacting them to bring their attention to 7N6.

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