The EDC Tool Roll: Klein Tools 65200 Ratchet Set

The EDC Tool Roll is a feature on Jerking the Trigger in which we profile various everyday-carry-worthy tools. The tools shown aren’t multi-tools but rather real tools, that by virtue of their compact size, light weight, usefulness, or unique functionality, can find a place in any range kit, emergency kit, or everyday carry bag.

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I have covered a lot of ratchet/driver tools on The EDC Tool Roll and the Klein Tools 65200 has become a favorite. I have carried this one but I also reach for it quite a bit for projects at home and it all comes down to few key features.

The most obvious feature that sets the 65200 apart from every other ratchet I have reviewed is the inclusion of a large ring. The ring allows you to turn the ratchet with just a finger which acts somewhat like an extension giving you some additional reach and leverage. It could also be used to clip or dummy-cord the 65200 to yourself or your gear. I find myself using it a lot.

Klein Tools also designed an excellent finger-turning ring for this tool. If you have ever tried to start a screw with one of these ratchets, you know that it can take a few turns before there is enough friction on the fastener for the ratcheting mechanism to work well. The finger ring is useful for hand-turning fasteners to start them and this one works well thanks to its easy-to-grip texture and large diameter.

I also like the included bit holder. It is more compact than most, holding just 5 bits. I guess some people may wish they could carry more bits but I like how small this holder is and find myself using it with other tools!

Finally, Klein Tools includes a 1/4″ socket adapter with this kit. It seems odd to point this out but it is actually somewhat unusual. I appreciate that this is included because I am often having to buy one separately for other similar ratchets.

As I said, this is among my favorite ratchets but I should point out that the 65200 is chunkier than many similar offerings. Also, as handy as I find the ring, it might make it more difficult to store in some kits. If you need the most compact option, this likely isn’t it.

Where to Buy:

You may actually be able to find these if you have a local source of Klein Tools. Home Depot carries it in some stores as part of a larger tool kit which may be useful to some. Otherwise, these are extremely affordable on Amazon which is where I bought mine: Klein Tools 65200 on Amazon

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