The EDC Tool Roll: Alltrade/Powerbuilt 1/4″ Drive Socket & Bit Driver Mini Ratchet

The EDC Tool Roll is a feature on Jerking the Trigger in which we profile various everyday carry worthy tools. The tools shown aren’t multi-tools but rather real tools, that by virtue of their compact size, light weight, usefulness, or unique functionality, can find a place in any range kit, emergency kit, or everyday carry bag.

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This little bit driver/socket combination tool is sold under a variety of names like Alltrade and Powerbuilt. At $10-12, it also happens to be one of the biggest bargains in history of The EDC Tool Roll.

As far as I can tell, this tool has one of those crazy names meant more to maximize keywords more than roll off the tongue. So, I will refer to it as the Alltrade or just the ratchet.

The Alltrade doesn’t look that different from a standard 1/4″ drive, stubby ratchet unless you pay careful attention to the lever side which contains a surprise addition – a 1/4″ bit holder. That’s right. The Alltrade can accept 1/4″ sockets on one side and standard 1/4″ shank driver bits on the other.

It is reversible via a lever and sports a reasonably fine 72 tooth mechanism. The surface finish on the chrome vanadium steel, chrome, and knurling are also surprisingly well done for the price. It fits well in the hand and, more importantly for The EDC Tool Roll, fits well in a pocket-sized tool roll.

The Alltrade becomes even more useful if you carry it with a 1/4″ shank bit extension which you probably already have laying around. It really functions best as a driver if you can treat it more like a t-handle driver by using an extension. The amount of functionality that this tool packs into a small space and a small price is really impressive.

While this does fit in a pocket tool kit, it should be noted that it is a bit chunky and heavy compared to some options. Something like the VIM Tools or Prestacyle ratchets that we have covered in the past can do the same thing with less weight but they might not fill the hand as well as this Alltrade offering and they cost more. The bottom line here is that the Alltrade is a bargain and it is something I use a lot.

Where to Buy:

I don’t think you will find these locally. Alltrade/Powerbuilt seems to be one of those Amazon-only brands that proliferate that retail giant. SO, if you are interested, Amazon is probably your only option: Alltrade/Powerbuilt Ratchet & Driver

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