New from Snaggletooth Tactical – The Engagement Ring

Snaggletooth Tactical’s new Engagement Rings are now available. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add a deployment ring to some popular knives for Snaggletooth Tactical’s popular wave mods.

The Engagement Ring is basically a small machined stud that can be installed on the barrel/spacers of the Ontario RAT I and II or the Benchmade Bugout series. Once the stud is installed, it can accept a split ring (provided).

The video below shows how this works but basically, the ring can be hooked with a finger while deploying the knife. Smaller knives don’t always provide a lot of surface to grip when they are clipped deep in your pocket which leads to people weakly pinching the end of the knife as they try to execute a waved opening. The ring provides a more positive anchor to grip when deploying the knife.

The Engagement Ring is available the Ontario RAT I, RAT II, and the Benchmade Bugout series. The user can select a anodized black or blue stud and a black or silver split ring.

One Response to New from Snaggletooth Tactical – The Engagement Ring

  1. Geoff October 30, 2020 at 14:57 #

    So they turn a folding knife into a karambit. Big. Deal.

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