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New from Snaggletooth Tactical – The Engagement Ring

Snaggletooth Tactical’s new Engagement Rings are now available. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add a deployment ring to some popular knives for Snaggletooth Tactical’s popular wave mods.

The Engagement Ring is basically a small machined stud that can be installed on the barrel/spacers of the Ontario RAT I and II or the Benchmade Bugout series. Once the stud is installed, it can accept a split ring (provided).

The video below shows how this works but basically, the ring can be hooked with a finger while deploying the knife. Smaller knives don’t always provide a lot of surface to grip when they are clipped deep in your pocket which leads to people weakly pinching the end of the knife as they try to execute a waved opening. The ring provides a more positive anchor to grip when deploying the knife.

The Engagement Ring is available the Ontario RAT I, RAT II, and the Benchmade Bugout series. The user can select a anodized black or blue stud and a black or silver split ring.


SNAGGLETOOTHMF – Add a Pocket Opener to Almost Any Knife with Thumb Studs

The SNAGGLETOOTHMF from Snaggletooth Tactical allows you to add a pocket opener (a wave) to almost any knife with thumb studs. The clever attachment replaces the thumb studs with a stud on one side and a hooked protrusion over the spine of the knife that is attached to the opposite side of the blade.

The addition of the SNAGGLETOOTHMF allows users to continue to thumb open the knife via the stud or deploy it as the knife is drawn from the pocket like any other waved knife. They also happen to be very affordable, especially when purchased in multipacks.

Learn more at SNAGGLETOOTHMF.com.

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