Speedbox Launches Endurance-70

Speedbox has released their new Endurance-70, an updated replacement for the Voyager-70. The new Endurance-70 makes the improved, updated features of the Endurance-40 available in a larger, 70 gallon size.

The new Endurance-70 has large, no-flat tires and a milled aluminum handle to allow easy transport. The handle is attached to the body via steel plates to ensure it never stresses the rotomolded polymer construction. It also has two steel locking plates for use with padlocks (padlocks not included).

The lid is secured via two side-mounted cam locks that help pull the lid against a large water-resistant gasket. The Endurance-40 that I own and reviewed has the same camming lid and gasket setup and it survived a trip down a creek without water ingress.

Speedbox containers photographed on Sunday, July 26, 2020.

The Endurance-70 is optimized for the same 463-L pallet as the original Voyager-70. However, the Endurance-70 features improved stacking and locking functionality and more lift points.

You can learn more at the Speedbox website: Speedbox.US

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