PHLster Skeleton S/S/T

PHLster has released a new version of the Skeleton holster, the Skeleton S/S/T. The new holster is more of a transport and utility cover than a holster in that it isn’t designed to be worn. It has no belt hardware and is specifically designed for safe storage and transport of the firearm. The blaze orange color and glow in the dark lanyard could make a Glock stored in the drawer of your nightstand, or in your range bag easier to find.

Additionally, the Skeleton S/S/T may have application for some discreet off body carry methods like inside a backpack or inside a Hill People Gear Kit Bag and other similar set ups. The Skeleton S/S/T could be fixed in the bag via a short lanyard when would cause the holster to break away during the drawstroke as the full length of the lanyard was reached.

These are available now as part of a limited pre-production run via the PHLster Custom Shop. It is currently only available for double stack Glock 9mm, .40SW, and .357SIG pistols.

One Response to PHLster Skeleton S/S/T

  1. Patrick December 20, 2016 at 19:58 #

    So this would work well with some hook and loop attached and used in conjunction with the Unity Tactical clutch belt then. Interesting.

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