Review: Multitasker Twist

My very first tool from Multitasker Tools was the Multitasker TUBE and I still use it to this day. It’s unique pen-like form factor and ease of carry have made it a staple of my range kit. The TUBE was eventually discontinued and there was no similar tool available until Multitasker released the Twist. Does the Twist fill the shoes of it’s predecessor, the TUBE? Let’s find out.



The Twist is a pen shaped multitool that is machined from 6061 aluminum with a hard anodized finish. Many of its tools are useful in broad applications but the tool is specifically designed to aid in field weapon maintenance and cleaning.

The top cap of the Twist features two nibs for adjusting Aimpoint Micros. The top cap also features a heavy-duty steel clip that is not only the key to keeping the Twist handy but works as a flat blade driver for adjusting optics or other tasks. If all you had was the Twist’s top cap, you could adjust almost any modern optic!

There is a standard 1/4″ hex shank bit driver under the top cap. By default, this is loaded with a front sight adjustment tool but it can accept any standard 1/4″ hex shank bit. The Twist comes with a selection of bits in a rubber holder.

The bottom cap features a recessed 8-32 male thread that accepts Otis Cleaning Kit components or any of the three tools found under the bottom cap: a pin punch, a radial carbon scraper, or a dental pick.


Observations from Use

The Twist makes a great first impression. The box that it comes in is very slick and you may actually want to hang onto it for storing your Twist when you aren’t using it.

The selection of tools on the Twist is more complete and more modern than those found on the TUBE. I especially like having the Aimpoint Micro turret adjuster accessible without having to open the tool. This makes for very quick and easy adjustments of the most common type of Aimpoint I own.


My two favorite things about the TUBE are still intact in the Twist and I am very happy to see that. First, the standard 1/4″ hex bits are a necessity. If you have a tool that doesn’t use the standard size bits, ditch it. I like knowing that I can walk into any hardware store and buy the exact bit that I need so that I can customize my bit loadout to match the firearms I’ll be using on that day. I should also mention that the Twist is actually a very good driver unlike pliers format multitools which can be a little bit of a pain to use for this purpose.

My second favorite thing about this type of tool is the pen-like form factor. The shape and the included steel pocket clip mean you can stow this tool anywhere and it will be more accessible than any tool without a clip could be. I generally clip it in my pocket or into a single column of PALS webbing. This means I don’t have to dig in a pouch or pocket to find it. That is really nice when you are trying not to be that guy in a carbine course but you need to make a quick adjustment.


All of the included tools work well. The dental pick is well shaped for fishing out cotter pins that you can’t quite get your finger tips on. The pin punch is useful for starting stubborn take-down pins or pushing pins on a Glock. The scraper is not quite as sharp or stout as the one on the TUBE but it works and it is more versatile. The front sight adjustment bit on the Twist appears to be more stout than the one on the TUBE and I appreciate that.

I believe that it is a very good idea for shooters to carry some kind of tool that is specific to their rifle in the context of training – especially paid training. If you can’t fix your gear and keep it running, you are wasting your own money and possibly the other student’s time. I strongly recommend the pliers format Multitasker tools for this application all the time. However, if you are on a tighter budget or already have a good multitool that serves you well, consider adding something like the Twist to your range kit. It has AR-15 specific tools that you will find handy in the context of a carbine course and a form factor that keeps it at your finger tips.


Wrap Up

The biggest strengths of the Twist are its excellent bit driver and its form factor. It is always easy to reach for thanks to its shape and the clip. The standard bit driver lets you tailor the tool to your application. This really is a worthy successor to my beloved TUBE.

You can check out for more information about Multitasker Tools. The Twist is available from Brownells and other great retailers.

Disclosure: The Twist was provided to me by Multitasker Tools for review.


Multitasker Twist (foreground) shown with my original Multitasker TUBE.

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