BRC AR-15 Magazine Carrier

The new Black Rhino Concealment (BRC) AR-15 Magazine Carrier is now available on their website. I have had one of these for more than a year for testing and I can say that, after all that time, it is my favorite kydex AR-15 mag carrier.


There are two things that really set this magazine carrier apart for me. First, it is extremely compact. It has a fold over design and a Tek-Lok mounted directly to the back which keep its quite narrow compared to two-piece designs. It is also cut shallow which coupled with its versatile retention method helps it fit a wide variety of magazines including 20 round mags. I mention 20 round magazines specifically because some carriers are too deep and do not present enough of the magazine to get a good grip on them, if they even accept them at all. That isn’t a problem with the BRC AR-15 Magazine Carriers.

The second thing that sets these apart is that retention method that I already mentioned. This carrier uses friction to retain the magazine but the friction is applied via a rib that runs from the top of the carrier to the bottom. This allows the retention to feel consistent regardless of the type of magazine being carried and makes it very easy to achieve the desired level of retention via the adjustable retention screws.

These are a great piece of kit. I like them so much that, now that they are available, I’ll be purchasing a second one. Check out the new AR-15 Magazine Carrier at Black Rhino Concealment.


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