Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp is known for their power sharpeners but they manufacture some useful manual sharpeners too. Their latest sharpener, the Combo Knife Sharpener, combines both powered and manual in the same tool.

work sharp combo sharpener

The Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener features an abrasive belt-based, powered sharpener with angle guide much like their other powered sharpeners but it also features an angle guided ceramic hone. Both the powered and manual sharpener components have a fixed 25 degree sharpening angle. While this is Work Sharp’s first sharpener to include both powered and manual sharpening methods, it is also their simplest to use.

Unlike previous sharpeners that had adjustable angles and used progressively finer belts to hone the edge, the new Combo Knife Sharpener uses only a 120 grit belt and the honing is accomplished via the manual ceramics sharpener. There is no set up because there is only one sharpening angle which makes this the easiest to use Work Sharp yet and that is saying something because previous Work Sharp powered sharpeners are extremely easy to use.

It is also their most affordable powered sharpener. The MSRP is just under $60 and their sharpeners are usually easy to find well under MSRP. You can check out the new Combo Knife Sharpener on the Work Sharp website.

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