Elzetta on Weapon Mounted Lights

When Dave from Elzetta talks weapon lights and light mounts, you might expect him to spend several minutes talking up the light mounts and mountable lights that his company produces. He does cover those products but the entire discussion in the video below is couched in terms of safety (Cooper’s 4 Rules #2 and #4) and how various configurations can be beneficial to the shooter. The end result is that this video is not just a marketing tool but it is actually a very effective basic weapon light primer.


One Response to Elzetta on Weapon Mounted Lights

  1. Cymond April 14, 2016 at 17:21 #

    Elzetta’s videos are always useful and informative. Yes, they do promote their products, but usually indirectly. For example, they talk about the importance of a certain feature, and of course, their flashlights have exactly that feature.

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