CTI Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt

The belt buckle whisperers at Carbon Tactics, creators of the Quicky Buckle, are at it again. They just launched their latest belt and buckle on Kickstarter – the Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt.

carbon tactical ti belt feature

The new belt features a simple (I mean that as a compliment) titanium “buckle” and several 1.5″ wide webbing options including single and double layers of webbing, or a single layer of Biothane. The variety of options make this belt suitable for tasks as simple as holding up your pants and as crucial as supporting the weight of a handgun.

I have been wearing an Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt with the Double Duty option for the last 2 weeks. It has been comfortable, easy to don and doff, the buckle bites on the webbing well so that it holds its adjustment, and its double layers of webbing with latitudinal stitching is very rigid for supporting a holster. I have also found that there are at least two ways of threading the tail through the buckle depending on your preference (the Kickstarter page shows the intended way).

This belt is made in the USA and costs less than most EDC/CCW targeted belts thanks to it’s simple design. Based on my limited experience, I would say it is definitely worth a look. Check out the Carbon Tactics Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt on Kickstarter.

One Response to CTI Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt

  1. J. Griffin April 14, 2016 at 17:28 #

    Ugh, all of these belts looks like 1.5″ (no width mentioned) and not available in 1.75″.

    Beautiful belt, though.

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