20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7 GEN2

The newest iteration of the Mini Kit MK-7 is upon us! The Mini Kit MK-7 GEN1 will be phased out in favor of the new GEN2 which is manufactured for 20$Bandit by HonorPoint USA.

20dollarbandit mini kit mk7 gen2 Kryptek

The most noticeable change that you will note is better fit and finish. My earlier Mini Kit MK-7 is still going strong but in the review I mentioned that it was a bit crooked. I have put hands on the new Honor Point produced GEN2 version and they are straight as an arrow with even stitching. They even lay a bit flatter when empty. The GEN1 wasn’t bad. The GEN2 is just improved.

The other change is less noticeable. The short slip pocket beneath the elastic organizer is now just a bit deeper to better retain the items in the organizer.

At this point, there are very few of the earlier Mini Kits left. Most of what is available are the GEN2 pouches. New colors and fabric options are being phased in with the new generation of pouches. These include all the colors of the tactical rainbow and even some ultra-light fabrics. If you are looking for a camo pattern, Kryptek is already available and Multicam will be available next week.

Best of all, the new GEN2 pouches cost less and they are still made in the USA! Check out the 20$Bandit’s site for more details.


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