Wilson Combat Lo-Profile (Single) Lever Safety / De-Cocker for the Beretta 92/96

The Beretta 92/96 series of handguns has enjoyed a hard earned reputation for reliability. I owned a beat up police trade-in 92F for years that I upgraded with several parts from Ernest Langdon that really made the gun sing. It served me all and I still regret selling it. My biggest gripe with it at the time was the slide mounted safety which was too easily bumped into the safe position when manipulating the slide in common ways. I trained around it but in the end, it was just easier to standardize on a different handgun.


Ernest Langdon is still working on Berettas though now he is doing it through Wilson Combat. One of their initial product releases deals specifically with the issue I mentioned above. The Wilson Combat Custom Carry Lo-Profile (Single) Lever Safety is a single sided lever (not ambidextrous like the factory part) and features a lower profile lever. By removing the lever on the right side of the gun and making the left side lever lower in profile, the risk of inadvertently activating the safety is reduced. A safety lever like this has been a long time coming. I wish this was around when I still had my 92F.

Check out the Wilson Combat Custom Carry Lo-Profile (Single) Lever Safety.

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