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Wilson Combat Elite Tactical 1911 Magazine, 9mm

Magazine selection is always important. It is especially important with 1911s and doubly so with 9mm 1911s which are notoriously finicky about magazines. Choosing a 9mm 1911 magazine may have just become a bit easier. Wilson Combat’s new Next-Gen Elite Tactical 1911 Magazine for 9mm chambered 1911s are now available.

wilson 9mm mag 1

These new magazines are impressive and have several features that go a long way toward mitigating some of the common issues with 9mm 1911s. That includes an integral feedramp that should help feed a wider range of bullet shapes and extra power springs to help ensure lock back and that the top round is in place in time to be stripped by the slide.

The 10 round version is currently available but compact versions should be available soon. Check out the new 9mm Elite Tactical 1911 Magazines at Wilson Combat.

wilson 9mm mag 2 wilson 9mm mag 3 wilson 9mm mag 4

Wilson Combat .308 Project

Wilson Combat is officially in the .308 AR game. Their BILLet-AR rifles in .308 Winchester caliber hit a lot of the right notes. They are lightweight (the lightest 14.7″ barrel model weighs just 7.7 pounds!), they come with a TRIM Hand Guard Rail and Tactical Trigger Unit installed, and they take the SR-25 pattern magazine. Other options will vary greatly depending on your preferences (and budget).

wilson combat 308

Basic Specs:


  • BILLet-AR 7075 T-6 Aluminum Flat-Top  Upper and Lower Receiver
    Lo-Profile Gas System
  • Accu-Tac Flash Hider
  • T.R.I.M. Rail
  • Bravo Company Pistol Grip
  • Wilson/Rogers Super-Stoc®
  • TTU (Tactical Trigger Unit) Single Stage, 4#
  • Premium Bolt and Bolt Carrier NP3 Plated
  • Mil-Spec Hard Anodize Finish on Upper / Lower Receivers
  • Armor-Tuff® Finish

There are a ton of available configurations so be sure to check out Wilson Combat’s .308 Project page for all the details (under the .308 Models and Specs tab).


Wilson Combat Lo-Profile (Single) Lever Safety / De-Cocker for the Beretta 92/96

The Beretta 92/96 series of handguns has enjoyed a hard earned reputation for reliability. I owned a beat up police trade-in 92F for years that I upgraded with several parts from Ernest Langdon that really made the gun sing. It served me all and I still regret selling it. My biggest gripe with it at the time was the slide mounted safety which was too easily bumped into the safe position when manipulating the slide in common ways. I trained around it but in the end, it was just easier to standardize on a different handgun.


Ernest Langdon is still working on Berettas though now he is doing it through Wilson Combat. One of their initial product releases deals specifically with the issue I mentioned above. The Wilson Combat Custom Carry Lo-Profile (Single) Lever Safety is a single sided lever (not ambidextrous like the factory part) and features a lower profile lever. By removing the lever on the right side of the gun and making the left side lever lower in profile, the risk of inadvertently activating the safety is reduced. A safety lever like this has been a long time coming. I wish this was around when I still had my 92F.

Check out the Wilson Combat Custom Carry Lo-Profile (Single) Lever Safety.

Wilson Combat and Ernest Langdon Create Drool Worthy Beretta 92s

If there is a man who you can trust to know how to make the Beretta 92 sing, it is Ernest Langdon. He is well known for his long time (and long discontinued) custom work on Berettas and his winning ways in competition shooting with Beretta handguns. I was fortunate to purchase several parts from him back when I owned a Beretta 92 that I picked up for a song back in my college days (I miss that gun). Wilson Combat can certainly be trusted to execute that vision.


Given the names who are involved, I was very excited to see on Pistol-Training.com that Ernest Langdon was acting as an adviser to the folks at Wilson Combat as they introduced new custom parts and services for the Beretta 92. Now if I could just scare up a good deal on a Beretta Vertec 92G to send in for some custom work, I would be a happy man.

Check out all the new Beretta parts and services at Wilson Combat.

Wilson Combat 1911 Elite Tactical Magazine (ETM) Heavy Duty/+P Magazines

I’ll never understand why so many 1911s come with lousy magazines. Thankfully Wilson Combat has been saving us all from junk 1911 magazines for decades. Their newest magazine, the ETM HD/+P Magazine, may just be the last 1911 magazines you ever have to buy.

The ETM HD/+P Magazine utilizes Wilson Combat’s proven ETM magazine body and new a stainless flatwire magazine spring that Wilson Combat says will last indefinitely, in fact, they guarantee it. These springs provide up to 25% more spring tension for reliability with hot ammunition.

Check out the 1911 Elite Tactical Magazine Heavy Duty/+P at Wilson Combat.

Wilson Combat Elite Tactical Magazine

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