Wilson Combat Elite Tactical 1911 Magazine, 9mm

Magazine selection is always important. It is especially important with 1911s and doubly so with 9mm 1911s which are notoriously finicky about magazines. Choosing a 9mm 1911 magazine may have just become a bit easier. Wilson Combat’s new Next-Gen Elite Tactical 1911 Magazine for 9mm chambered 1911s are now available.

wilson 9mm mag 1

These new magazines are impressive and have several features that go a long way toward mitigating some of the common issues with 9mm 1911s. That includes an integral feedramp that should help feed a wider range of bullet shapes and extra power springs to help ensure lock back and that the top round is in place in time to be stripped by the slide.

The 10 round version is currently available but compact versions should be available soon. Check out the new 9mm Elite Tactical 1911 Magazines at Wilson Combat.

wilson 9mm mag 2 wilson 9mm mag 3 wilson 9mm mag 4

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