Review: Beez Combat Systems TLMP

It is becoming increasingly common for plate carriers to have the capability to attach various chest rigs and panels to the front plate pocket. This type of set up allows the wearer to purchase a mostly slick plate carrier (PC) which they can scale up, scale down, or configure for different weapons by simply swapping the chest rig or panel.

Beez Combat System’s (BCS) Tactical Load Mount Platform (TLMP) is one such panel that is designed for these plate carrier set ups. BCS spent a lot of time designing a lot of versatility into these panels and it shows.



The TLMP is constructed from 1000D Cordura Nylon and is offered in 17 different color/camo options! It can be had in 4 different configurations based on the number and type of magazines you need to carry: 3 AR mags, 4 AR mags, 3 AK mags, and 4 AK mags.

The subject of this review is the 3 AR mag version of the TLMP. It has three of the integrated magazine pouches that BCS is known for arrayed across the panel. Unlike most pouches of this type, the pouches are completely independent and there is no way for stowed mags to contact each other. Each pouch has a removable/adjustable bungee retainer with pull tab.

BCS TLMP Pouches

The front of the TLMP has a large 8 column by 3 row PALS webbing field. There is an integrated, hook and loop secured map pouches in the body of the TLMP.

You should be able to adapt the TLMP to just about any PC with a Velocity Systems/Mayflower R&C style attachment system. It features 2 vertical straps with plenty of excess webbing to adjust the height for use with the QASM buckles found on the front plate pocket of compatible PCs. There are 2 diagonal webbing loops at the top corners of the TLMP for use with a chest rig harness. There are 3 webbing loops on each side (6 total) for use with SwiftClips or a similar solution. Finally, the TLMP features a hook material field on the back to minimize unwanted movement on compatible PCs.

Observations from Use

As with everything from BCS that I have laid hands on, the TLMP is well made. Every place that webbing is joined to the body of the TLMP has large box stiches or heavy bar tacks when a box stitch is not possible. Due to the design of there mag pouch, the TLMP is at least 2 layers of 1000D Cordura nylon thick in all wear areas. The overall impression is that it will last for a long, long time.

BCS TLMP Mounted

I used the TLMP on the front of a Velocity System LWPC most of the time and found it to be a great fit for that PC. It also worked well on my Mayflower R&C APC though that PC lacks the loop field on the cummerbund flap to secure it as well as it could be. I also used buckles from my spares box and Mayflower R&C H-harness to adapt the TLMP into a stand alone chest rig. It is simply a matter of threading on the correct hardware. You can configure it a number of ways with just a few repair buckles.

I prefer a fairly deep magazine pouch so that there is some retention even if the bungee retainer is not in use. BCS never disappoints me here. Their pouches are deep enough to retain mags fairly aggressively even with the bungee retain in place. If you have ever lost or broken a retainer, you can appreciate that. They are actually deep enough that they work pretty well for PMAG 40s.

The design of BCS’s mag pouch necessitates that this panel will be a bit wider than most 3 mag shingles but it is still a near perfect fit for the cummerbund flap found on all my PCs. While it may be wider, the pouch design always makes their gear feel slimmer and lower in profile. This design also creates a single, uninterrupted PALS field on the front of the panel.

There are a lot of different webbing loops projecting out from the TLMP. I would suggest using it a few times to figure out which mounting options work best for you and then trimming off the attachment points that you won’t use or securing them out of the way with tape or zip ties.


Here is a tip for those of you who like to use a chest rig or panel’s integral map pouch as a sort of admin pouch. The TLMP comes with a very nice cover for the hook field on the back. I usually just store it in the map pouch when it I don’t need it. However, if you will need to access the map pouch frequently, you can use the cover to block the hook and loop closure that it can be opened quickly and quietly.

Wrap Up

The TLMP is well made, offers a ton of PALS real estate, and very adaptable. Check out the TLMP at Beez Combat Systems.


2 Responses to Review: Beez Combat Systems TLMP

  1. Sven J June 6, 2014 at 10:53 #

    Beez never fails to impress- he makes great products, always innovating!

  2. BlackLion June 6, 2014 at 13:43 #

    I’m very impressed by the quality and design of my 4 ARmag TLMP. I purchased the Chest Rig/Armor Interface Kit from to add Plate/Vest Carrier and Shoulder Harness attachment capabilities.

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