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Beez Combat Systems CD Pack

The new CD Pack, from Beez Combat Systems, has nothing to do with Compact Disc and everything to do with getting more versatility from your mountable chest rigs and placards.

The CD (Can’t Decide) pack was made for those that need a little more modularity and for those that like to alternate between placards/chest rig connection systems. The CD pack includes 2 field repair/replaceable G hooks and 2 field repair/replaceable 1” compatible ITW buckles. These split body G hooks and buckles make swapping between connection systems a breeze when confronted with a non adjustable webbing situation.


ICE Hydration Carrier from Beez Combat Systems

Beez Combat System has a new hydration carrier option made specifically for the IcePlate Curve from Qore Performance.

The IcePlate Curve by Qore Performance was designed to be worn close to the body providing the wearer with a hands free plate carrier hydration or backpack hydration that simultaneously cools or warms the wearer. The IcePlate Curve can be worn inside some plate carrier plate bags such as any issued medium ESAPI compatible plate carrier specifically for training and physical fitness workouts. The IcePlate Curve by Qore Performance holds exactly 50 ounces of fluid or 1.5 Litres of fluid. This unique design of a hydration bladder allows the wearer to have more control over their environment by allowing the manipulation and ‘weaponization’ of various temperatures for the user.

The Beez Combat Systems ICE Hydration Carrier allows the wearer to store the IcePlate Curve hydration bladder by Qore Performance comfortably as a low profile hydration carrier system. The design of the ICE Hydration Carrier by Beez Combat Systems also allows the wearer the choice of either left or right port exits. Along with the ICE Hydration Carrier system Beez Combat Systems offers GRIDLOK attachment technology eliminating the need to source for a third party attachment technology. Beez Combat Systems’ GRIDLOK attachment technology provides the wearer with additional security and ease of attachment while simultaneously reducing the overall weight utilizing laser cut technology. The Beez Combat Systems ICE Hydration Carrier is a bottom load design that mounts to the exterior only.

On the front of the ICE Hydration Carrier by Beez Combat Systems is an additional laser cut GRID for increased real estate for additional load bearing essentials. A two inch Velcro enclosure secures the IcePlate Curve by Qore Performance into place as well as a 3″ x 6″ Velcro ID loop can be found on the hydration carrier to support moral patches, blood type or ID patches. The ICE Hydration Carrier by Beez Combat Systems can be mounted to any MOLLE/Pals style plate carrier with GRIDLOK attachment technology.

Learn more at BeezCombatSystems.com

Beez Combat Systems Sidewing – New Options

We first profiled the Beez Combat Systems (BCS) Sidewing, a panel that expands the size and mountable surface of compact chest rigs, a few weeks ago. Since that time, BCS has added multiple new variants of the Sidewing to fit other compact chest rigs.

The Sidewing is now available as the S2 and S3 for the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig, the H2 and H3 for the Haley Strategic D3CRM Micro, and the R2 and R3 for the RDR Modular Chest Pack. The “2” variants add two columns of PALS compatible surface on the “wings”, while the “3” variants add three.

The Sidwings may also fit other dockable compact chest rigs besides those listed. You can find more information at BeezCombatSystems.com.

Beez Combat Systems APTUM Front Flap

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) has a new front flap/placard to add to it’s APTUM modular plate carrier lineup. However, the new APTUM Front Flap will also work with many other plate carriers that make use of the industry-standard chest rig/placard attachment points.

The APTUM Front Flap makes use of BCS’ laser-cut GRID material and heavy duty elastic construction for the integral pouches. It boasts 3 rifle magazine pouches that are flexible enough to carry a variety of items thanks to the elastic construction.

The APTUM Front Flaps also feature angled pull tabs that make them easy to peel/lift out of the way. This makes especially well suited to use on plate carriers where the front flap/placard serves as a cummerbund closure.

There multiple models available with the user’s choice of ITW side-release buckles or G-Hooks for the upper attachment. The user can also decide whether they want an integral TQ hanger or not.


BCS Sidewing S2 and S3

The new Sidewing from Beez Combat Systems (BCS) allows users to convert compact chest rigs like the Spiritus Systems Mk4 and similar into larger, full-sized chest rigs.

The Sidewing is available in two sizes. The S2 version adds two laser cut PALS columns per side while the larger S3 adds 3 columns. The S2 and S3 are constructed from BCS’ laser cut GRID material. They come with all the buckles necessary to adapt the Spiritus Systems Mk4 harness to the Sidewing.


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