Wilde Built Tactical Custom Motorcyle PALS Panels

wilde built tactical motorcycle pals

I will keep banging the drum for small businesses in this industry as long as cool stuff like keeps happening… Wilde Built Tactical made these custom PALS panels for a motorcycle. It is always a challenge to carry and organizer gear on a motorcycle. Now the owner of the motorcycle has a handy platform for attaching various pouches and packs… and… uh…

Oh, sorry. I was just day dreaming about building an awesome bugout dual sport motorcycle that is covered in PALS panels and cool guy gear!

Support a small custom maker with your next project! Check out Wilde Built Tactical.

One Response to Wilde Built Tactical Custom Motorcyle PALS Panels

  1. Battle Systems LLC May 16, 2014 at 23:09 #

    Great idea – very clever!

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