SIONICS Weapon Systems 16″ Pencel Barrel and Pencil Barrel Rifle

As promised in our recent post on SIONICS Weapon Systems new 11.5″ barrels, here is the latest on their new 16″ mid-length lightweight profile “pencil” barrel and Pencil Barrel Rifle. The new barrel is everything you expect from SIONICS. It will be available with a variety of gas block options or as part of a complete rifle – the SIONICS Pencil Barrel Rifle.

SIONICS Pencil Barrel Rifle

The Pencil Barrel Rifle sports a 15″ Midwest Industries SSK rail, B5 Systems Bravo SOPMOD Stock, and Ergo grip and still manages to weigh in at just 5 pounds, 14 ounces. That means that if you are smart with your light, sight and optic choices, the completed carbine will weigh in at around 6.5 pounds. That is quite light for an off the shelf carbine.

The barrels and complete rifle builds will be available Memorial Day weekend. Keep an eye on SIONICS Weapon Systems.


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