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SIONICS Weapon Systems Announces Selection by Colorado Department of Public Safety

This list of law enforcement agencies that trust SIONICS Weapon Systems rifles is constantly growing. They recently announced their newest partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Safety.

We are proud to announce our relationship with the Colorado Department of Public Safety and honored that they have chosen the Patrol Three as their Duty Rifle.



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New from SIONICS: Enhanced 2-Stage Trigger

SIONICS quietly introduced a new trigger, the Enhanced 2-Stage Trigger, over Labor Day weekend. The Enhanced 2-Stage Trigger is NiB coated and has a full power hammer spring for reliable ignition. These triggers average 4.5 pounds pull weight  and come with all necessary pins and springs.

These are on sale now at a very competitive price for a premium trigger. Check out SIONICSWeaponSystems.com.

SIONICS Labor Day Specials

SIONICS has two pages worth of Labor Specials on their website right now and available through the weekend. The specials include lowers, build kits, components, complete rifles, and more. The best deals might be their lower parts kits and enhanced triggers which are of excellent quality and even more affordable than usual.

Check out SIONICSWeaponSystems.com.

SIONICS Bargain Basement

Keep your eyes on SIONICS’ Bargain Basement pages. They offer a number of items including clearance, cosmetic blemished products, and LE trade-in uppers at bargain prices. None of the available deals last long at these prices and they list new gear all the time so check back often!

SIONICS Bargain Basement

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