Some of my favorite bags for hauling gear are the old surplus USGI Flyer’s Kit Bags. Their cube shape makes it possible to pack a ton of gear in an easy to pack, easy to handle package. I was quite happy with the surplus one that I have been using for years to go to and from the range until I saw the new JAVRAN Kit Bag…

JAVRAN Kit Bag Front

The Kit Bag from JAVRAN has obvious roots in the original surplus bags. You can see it in the cube shape and the wrap around handles. However, the JAVRAN version takes everything about the venerable old kit bag to the next level.

It features a 6 column x 4 row PALS webbing field on the front and back of the bag. The webbing used in the PALS field is 4 different colors to match the colors found in the Woodland camo material used in the construction of the bag. JAVRAN also incorporated loop Velcro fields in the same 4 color scheme.

JAVRAN Kit Bag End Pouches

The ends of the bag feature external pockets for organizing small gear. One end features a simple slip pocket and the other end has a slip pocket with a small zippered slash pocket.

The handles wrap all the way under the back like the handles found on the original bags. However, the JAVRAN handles are padded for comfort.

JAVRAN Kit Bag Interior

The interior of the JAVRAN Kit Bag boasts a ton of organization potential. The interior is fully lined with pack clothe for additional durability and water resistance. One side features a large loop Velcro field for adding Velcro backed pouches. The opposite side features an admin area with multiple small zippered pouches for organizing small items. Each end also features a mesh zippered pouch.

My old kit bag suddenly feels very inadequate!

Check out JAVRAN.

2 Responses to JAVRAN Kit Bag

  1. mynameisfoxtrot.com March 19, 2014 at 20:17 #

    when will this product be available? i didn’t see it on their site 🙁

  2. bob March 20, 2014 at 09:50 #

    He posted recently that he won’t be taking orders for a while. I’m looking forward to when he does, because his stuff is pretty awesome.

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